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Title:A Shadow Within Shadows
Posted On:2006-04-04 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
he pads his way silently through a copse of aspin
mute black coat sleek and dappled with dew
darting swiftly from one shadow to the next
the silent lupine figure carefully treads forward
he pauses suddenly to sniff the wind for danger
or perhaps it is prey he seeks this eve
it has been many moons since he was pack leader
his bottomless eyes sparkle dimly in a ray of moon
tiny yellow stars floating at the feet of trees
a silouette of rough terrain caught in a form
glimpsed by this once strong wolf from afar
through a minute break in the tangle of timber
more than that a slight brown form is seen
this lone shadowed killer is out for a hunt
his unaware prey up ahead, a yearling doe
wandered too far from family and become lost
head leaned down to sip from a trickle of water
seeping merrily up from between three stones
she is completely oblivious to her predators choice
a low rumble from deep down in the wolfs chest
is the does only warning too late to avail her
she goes down under his strong jaws easily
with the lust of kill in his heart the wolf howls wildly
relating the story of his passion to become part of the night
the wind is the only response and it whistles respectfully
even so he snaps blood flecked jaws at the sky
after gorgins himself and hiding the remains
he begins to make his way back to his den
the wolf knows nothing simpler than one thing
live in ad for the now and when hunting
become a shadow within shadows

next stop..
a mate
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