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2018 January:
[ ]Rife Mends
Title:Rife Mends
Posted On:2018-01-27 11:55:24
Posted By:» earthyspirit
slight of hand
alight the land
give it a honest to goodness
stand up human up
sand trap
bully blinders
righteous way to go
they cant wait till tomorrow
when they foreclose on these
whatever you call its
those are my friends
the goo knees.

Mife rends, rife mends
he don't have no say
he might be cool but he aint me
age aye ye

let us pretend that
you are a loving daughter
and i am a good father
this is a good fiction.

am i just regurgitating other peoples lines?
Quoting things from the music im listening to
makes a good couple rows of toes and ten

shake and bakem wakem and then takum shakum up
makem take notes and quote rotes to dust motes
alo? alo? hello? l.o.? hell low?
good buy pace, mark it pull ace, nice.

holy anara batman its firefly.
buzzz. zoom.
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