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2015 September:
[ ]Remember
Posted On:2015-09-16 14:26:24
Posted By:» earthyspirit
Remember how it used to be...
long ago in another eternity.
The scene was old and worn...
we wanted something new and reborn.
So we elected an official and called him God
He said he'd do it odd, we gave him the nod...
We were told to stand in our places...
fine, nothing there but familiar faces.

Now it's true we knew that it would hurt....
first thing which we lost was our shirts.
and then our essences to be stripped of us whole
torn apart, ripped asunder, lost souls.
Broken back down to our wordly parts...
time for God and Thing to apply arts.
to take the laws and shape them anew
within His paws we a big bang grew.

So now we're young again, the cosmos too...
and God is old, our keeper, waiting on you.
The old survived, our games we play again...
On Earth we made our own personal Heaven
We so young have not yet the wise knowledge
for that power comes only as a privilege..
Weaming reality with our very beliefs
when we recognize this God will feel relief.
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