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2012 May:
[ ]Angels and Demons
2012 March:
[ ]The Pressures
[ ]Tough Love
Title:Angels and Demons
Posted On:2012-05-24 21:27:29
Posted By:» NubiKing
Everyone wants a piece of the bloody angel who walks the lands
It walks around as if there is no plan!
But the plan is set before,
Put in action before there was thought,
Angle to the rescue,
Is what I love, angles to the rescue
Always busy with a task,
Based of your faith, angles comes in various tastes!
The angels I know, are furious and have no shame.
The angel I know, know how to Love
Their love is not that for the common man!
In loving a thing, ones become it,
In loving angel, there is no turning back!
You can do your thing and excel in it,
Many souls will be inspired, many souls might die of it!
It being work, if done without passion,
If done without love, and without compassion,
My dear child listen to me,
I have to teach you, or many will not be,
Angels! My love! Are you and me!
Angels my love, we have the right to be.
To be happy to be free,
To be joyful and carefree!
But the path is not easy, for love is not easy!
Love is not between two,
Love is for the family which is set to be,
Love is for the basics for all humanity!
Yes, you can be an angel all you want to be,
But a bloody angel, that my dear is a dark place where I do not want to be!
Then comes the demons, demons are from Fire!
Demons are so hot, their internals are on fire.
They took the oath to never bow down to man whose mad from mud,
Cause they're so proud of being so hot!
Demons, my love, can do lots of good,
For like angels they do have tasks,
But they burn with envy, pride, and the world they think, is subject of their desires,
Angels and demons working hand in hand.
Angels and demons all part of the plan.
You can be human love, be all you can!
Humans are like sheep, sheep without a Sheppard,
Whenever there comes an angel or a demon,
They fall into clans,
By race, by craft, by land,
all false associates and gender is real life!
Fixated are they on reproduction and on life.
Life to them : so dear, death: their common fear,
Yet again their fear is diverse,
of highs, lows, of time, and some ever off shore!
Earth is their cradle, and to it they will return.
But if you chose to be an angle or a demon for that matter,
You know your immortal,
You will be free, and no limits is your dorm,
Few things remain for me to say,
My dear child bear in mind this truth for you to bear,
In God's eye we are all equal!
In God's eye there are no borders, limits, or distinctions,
In love, compassion there can only be growth,
Grow as an Angel, Grow as a demon, Grow as a human,
You will reap what you sow,
So don't sit around, lay around doing nothing all day,
Don't be beaten up in any way!
It fun to be, and you have to be free,
Live carefree, believe in diversity!
The plan is there, all you need is to be!
Be happy, be free, and act! You are immortal Love,
don't leave humanity!
You must know they ways of human,
For amongst them you will grow!
1,2,10, 20, a 100 years if you are lucky for that matter!
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