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Title:One Last Gasp
Posted On:2006-03-23 01:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
gripped tight in self absorbtion and steadfast
caring only for the future giving all up for love
worried for a loved one hiding below and above
nothing ends without heartache and madness
sorrows call like dieing trees and who listens
bonded with the glue of emotional pain and joy
everything comes easy once the light shines
it all goes away when the darkness shadows
something keeps driving us apart for a time
but we intertwine ever more tightly again
we are one with the rainbow and the music
climbing ever higher but stumbling over egos
fighting to remain stationary while ever moving
seeking the truth, offering cool waterfalls
to every passing traveller, avoiding the drips
dust clouds and earthquakes seperate us often
but the gaps are bridgeable and the dust settles
through the cataclysms we triumph and live
all are one in an infinite openness of acceptance
yet free will continues to close our minds to it
we look away from the light, we stand apart
knowing all the while that ignoring is wrong
connecting is the right path, listening and loving
evolution of the spirit will ever continue unchecked
now we know the experience that divided us
once more we must weather the storms surrounding
our bond is ever invisible to you, you mirror
until we focus on removing our selfishness
we will alwyas have this series of events
facing us again in every relationship
for it is in us to give it all away rather
than run away from it for ourselves
nothing is harder than changing ourselves
when it is for someone other than ourselves
anything is easier than giving our hearts
when we only do it for selfish reasons
all is content to remain the same
stuck in the defined labels which protect us
self definement is a blanket to hide under
walking naked in refinement is fearlessness
giving evertything to those in need is the way
forgetting our own desires for that of our bond
an oath to serve and protect and be merciful
justice for all, justice for all, one for all
heed the call of the all that is one, its begun
all is art, time is the expanse of the art blooming
flowers grow together, they single out in death
sorrow in the blue, growth in the green
life in the sun, sleep under the starlight
day, night, wrong, right, all one, once dirty, clean.
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