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Title:Thoughts of completion
Posted On:2008-05-20 16:52:51
Posted By:» soldatoflife
A love as foul as a hollow love,
Thinking of survival and not of another.

Thinking of joy in the arms of another,
Letting go of all the pains of the past and seeing life once more.

Young moralities discovering new things,
Moving and learning with growing curiosity.

Greed and wealth bringing destruction to all,
Preferring shining gold to a beautiful civilisation.

Fantasies that grow within everyone,
Shown by others to help lost souls find new meanings to the word love...

I wrote this just now thinking about what I've seen in the movie "Anna and the king". The first part made its way in because some people must love another to save others or simply please the people around them. The second part relates to people who finally let go of the past and go on with their lives at their fullest. the third part describes a child learning new things. The fourth is about people who want to dominate others and get richer instead of making a good relationship with others. The last part is what made me think the most. In the relationship between Ann and the king, I saw some kind of fantasy slowly growing between them and it made Anna accept her past and move on. When they danced for the second time, it really made me think.
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