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2008 January:
[ ]Psy Trance is what i spin.
2007 November:
[ ]Betrayel
[ ]Sorry (written when i depressed.)
2007 February:
[ ]Flames are growing.
Title:Psy Trance is what i spin.
Posted On:2008-01-18 22:01:52
Posted By:» Reaper
Psy trance is what i spin,
Psy trance is the light i give,
When the bass is hard,

When your tripping on my set,
Beautiful music is what i bring,
Trippy lights come behind me,

Spending money,
On parties just to hear those sweet beats,
Im a psy trance dj,
A psy freak.
So next time you see me,
Tripping on some E.
Don't forget im the psy trance freak!
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