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2008 January:
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2007 November:
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[ ]Sorry (written when i depressed.)
2007 February:
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Title:Sorry (written when i depressed.)
Posted On:2007-11-08 01:25:55
Posted By:» Reaper
What i am doing here?
What have i done wrong,
Why am i left,
Why can't i die,
The innocents in eyes,
have gone cold..

The love i have is keeping me alive,
im dieing though,

Because i can't seem but help to cry,
im not able to be strong,
she needs me,
and im weak,
she needs me to strong..

She needs my love,
i give it to her all.
yet i feel not worthy enough
for her.

I love her..
I need her,
She is the only thing keeping me alive..
Someone please make me strong.

To protect her once again..
To show her im the man she needs..
The tears in my eyes burn my skin,

Only she can help me survive,
Yet she needs me the most..
but im no ware near as strong..

im weak,
Im pathetic.
im sorry i can't be the man you need me to be..
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