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On Sun Jan 30, 2011 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"All you need is love! 8)"
On Wed Jan 5, 2011 » NoLimitTillDawn said
On Thu Dec 30, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Ne vous entourez pas de personnes qui vous font régresser et qui cherche a vous empêcher d’évoluer."
On Fri Dec 10, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Ne haïssez pas les gens pour le mal qu'il font car ce n'est que le fruit de leur ignorance."
On Thu Dec 9, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"If you could think about me half the time i think about you..."
On Wed Dec 8, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Most of the time the emotion you get out of wanting something is stronger then the one you get when you have it."
On Sun Dec 5, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
On Thu Dec 2, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"5 mots: Si tu veux, tu peux!"
On Wed Dec 1, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"It is the quality of life, not its length."
On Tue Nov 30, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Don't push your luck or you'll get fucked"
On Mon Nov 29, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"How sincere do i have to be?"
On Mon Nov 29, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"I wouldn't take you back if i could, but you will always have your place in my heart"
On Sat Nov 27, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Me want... COOKIE!!!"
On Fri Nov 26, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Garde ta tête sur tes épaules et tes épaules bien solides."
On Mon Nov 22, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"Make your own luck but don't push it."
On Mon Nov 22, 2010 » NoLimitTillDawn said
"445 out of 450 aren't worth it"
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