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News (Media Awareness Project) - US AZ: Editorial: College Ban On Medical Pot Has Hazy Reasoning
Title:US AZ: Editorial: College Ban On Medical Pot Has Hazy Reasoning
Published On:2012-02-01
Source:Sun, The (Yuma, AZ)
Fetched On:2012-02-04 06:00:51

The jihad against the medical use of marijuana approved by the state
voters has now moved to the Arizona Legislature.

Gov. Jan Brewer tried to put roadblocks in the path of implementing
the law, but even she seems to have pretty much given up after the
state was chastised by a federal judge for not following the wishes of
the voters.

But now State Rep. Amanda Reeve, R-Phoenix, has sponsored a bill to
ban students on university and college campuses from using medical
marijuana even if they have met the requirements under the law and
have a medical need.

She claims this is necessary because colleges could lose federal
funding because marijuana is an illegal drug under federal law and
federal regulations require colleges to prohibit illegal drugs. There
is an exemption for prescription drugs, but medical marijuana would be
"recommended" by a doctor under the Arizona law, not prescribed.

The conflict with federal laws has been raised numerous times by
opponents of the medical marijuana law, and mostly dismissed. The
federal government pretty much seems to be ignoring medical marijuana
laws passed in other states, although there is no official policy to
do so. It is assumed the same would happen here.

The reality is that Arizona voters have repeatedly said they support
medical use of marijuana. Why should college students who meet the
requirements of that law be treated differently than other Arizonans?
They shouldn't, of course.

Besides it is naive to think some college students aren't already
using marijuana - without benefit of the medical law - on college campuses.

One opponent of the proposed campus ban called it "a solution in
search of a problem." We agree.
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