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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CO: PUB LTE: Encouraging Signs For Marijuana Industry
Title:US CO: PUB LTE: Encouraging Signs For Marijuana Industry
Published On:2012-02-01
Source:Aspen Times, The (CO)
Fetched On:2012-02-02 06:03:43

Dear Editor:

Regarding "County pursues licensing for medical marijuana" (Jan. 18,
The Aspen Times), we do know what the federal government is going to do.

It's reasonable to assume the prohibitionist federal government will
not interfere with Colorado state medical cannabis (marijuana)
regulations on a large scale and only interfere with specific minor
demands. Recently The Denver Post reported that 23 dispensaries
within 1,000 feet of schools received letters to make changes. The
federal government has shown it will in fact not stop states from
implementing laws to allow sick citizens from using or acquiring
cannabis, including allowing dispensaries to continue to operate.

Citing 23 out of 600 or more dispensaries is encouraging for Pitkin
and other counties wishing to regulate this vital industry.

Stan White

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