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News (Media Awareness Project) - US MA: Wayland Police Take Pot Candies From Teens
Title:US MA: Wayland Police Take Pot Candies From Teens
Published On:2012-01-27
Source:Metrowest Daily News (MA)
Fetched On:2012-01-31 06:01:06

WAYLAND - Talk about a sugar high.

Local teens, with help of someone in Colorado, got their hands on
Cheeba Chews, a chocolate taffy laced with the substance that gives
marijuana its buzz.

In December, Wayland Police confiscated a few pieces of the candy
from a couple of local teens, Detective Sgt. Jamie Berger said yesterday.

It is a small piece of chocolate, like a Tootsie Roll," said Berger.

Cheeba Chews are designed for use as medical marijuana.

Berger added he wasn't sure exactly how many teens were involved, or
how many pieces of Cheeba Chew were confiscated.

Wayland's youth officer learned the Cheeba Chews were sent from
Colorado, where they are sold as medical marijuana.

This is the first time we have dealt with it," said Berger.

Cheeba Chews weigh between 9.5 grams and 10.5 grams, and contain
between 35 milligrams and 175 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol, or
THC, a component of marijuana, according to cheebachews.com. The
Chews' dose can range from one bowl hit, to an entire marijuana joint.

Under the website's frequently asked questions section, it states
Cheeba Chews are only sold in licensed pot dispensaries in California
and Colorado.

Massachusetts is not one of them.

Heidi Heilman, director of Wayland Cares, said her group is not
against medical marijuana for those who really need it, but the
dispensaries that sell it are giving young people another way to get it.

The pot dispensaries that are in other states are increasing youth
access to marijuana," said Heilman. "When you wrap it around
compassionate care, no one is going to question it."

She added that the marijuana-infused chocolate is not kids being
sneaky, but the pot industry being sneaky.

Why would you have medical marijuana in (a piece of candy)?" she asked.

While the December incident is the only time Wayland Police have
dealt with Cheeba Chews, Berger said police want local parents to be
on the lookout.

We are obviously trying to make parents aware of it," he said. "There
are different types of marijuana out there that kids might use."
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