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News (Media Awareness Project) - US MA: PUB LTE: Misinformed About Cheeba Chews
Title:US MA: PUB LTE: Misinformed About Cheeba Chews
Published On:2012-01-28
Source:Metrowest Daily News (MA)
Fetched On:2012-01-31 06:01:01

Re: "Police take pot candies from teens," Jan. 27:

While in no way do we think these kids should have had Cheeba Chews,
we want to clear up a few of the fabricated things stated by Heidi
Heilman, director of Wayland Cares.

According to the article, Heilman said "the marijuana-infused
chocolate is not kids being sneaky, but the pot industry being
sneaky. Why would you have medical marijuana in (a piece of candy)? she asked."

There is not one documented sale to a minor from a dispensary in
Colorado, not one. But there are thousands of documented alcohol
sales to minors. Marijuana killed zero people last year. Alcohol
killed approximately 2.5 million worldwide last year.

Candy? Like, Laxative in chocolates? Cough drops/syrups?
Tums/antacids? Fentanyl suckers that are 100 times more potent than
morphine? Please check your facts Heidi Heilman, director of Wayland
Cares. Patients use edibles to get away from putting smoke in their
lungs. We use taffy because we can make the smallest edible possible,
while it is easily torn apart into smaller doses if necessary and the
rest rewrapped for later use. If you ever tasted one you would know
it doesn't taste like "candy." It's medicine that, sadly, some
people have been brainwashed to be against.

What about raspberry, orange, marshmallow flavored vodka? Is that OK?

Is it the medical marijuana industry being sneaky? or is it Heidi who
is wearing blinders and being misinformed?


Owner of Cheeba Chews

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