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News (Media Awareness Project) - US ID: Otter: Dangers Of Pot Outweigh Medical Benefits
Title:US ID: Otter: Dangers Of Pot Outweigh Medical Benefits
Published On:2012-01-27
Source:Coeur D'Alene Press (ID)
Fetched On:2012-01-30 06:03:00

Gov. Butch Otter told about 70 Idaho police chiefs on Wednesday that
he would oppose efforts underway in the state legislature to pass a
medical marijuana law.

Otter made the statement at the Annual Winter Meeting of the Idaho
Chiefs of Police Association in Boise, according to a report from the
governor's office.

The report says Otter indicated that while he is sympathetic to
anyone suffering from chronic pain, he believes the dangers from
passing such a law outweigh any possible benefits.

Otter told the police chiefs that he recently heard from Montana
Governor Brian Schweitzer that legalizing medical marijuana had some
unwelcome side effects in that state:

"He says the results from that ... was all kinds of little marijuana
farms in everybody's garden, and pretty soon they were producing more
than they could sell in the legal trade. And it started a whole new
undercurrent. So for all those reasons - plus the fact I just think
it's dead wrong - I told Tom Trail (the bill's sponsor) I would not
look with favor on that bill."

In a related story published Thursday by the Associated Press, an
Oregon man with a medical marijuana card was arrested in southern
Idaho with 69 pounds of pot in his vehicle.

BOISE (AP) - A traffic stop in southwestern Idaho resulted in an
Oregon man being charged with felony drug trafficking after officers
found nearly 69 pounds of marijuana in his car.

The Idaho State Police says 39-year-old Justin Cody Brownrigg of
Eugene, Ore., was pulled over for a traffic violation on Interstate
84 in Canyon County. A trooper detected the odor of marijuana in the
car and Brownrigg said he had eight to 10 grams of marijuana and was
a medical marijuana cardholder in Oregon.

Officers found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, but a more
intensive search turned up three large duffel bags with 68.8 pounds
of marijuana worth an estimated $172,000 in the car.

Brownrigg told officers he was headed to Utah.
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