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News (Media Awareness Project) - US MI: OPED: On Hemp Fuel, The Keystone Pipeline & E. K. Warren
Title:US MI: OPED: On Hemp Fuel, The Keystone Pipeline & E. K. Warren
Published On:2012-01-25
Source:Harbor Country News (MI)
Fetched On:2012-01-28 06:04:18

To Congressman Fred Upton: The Federal Government with its prohibition
on Hemp fuel and other Hemp products is costing the division of labor
of the Nation an annual trillion dollars per year in lost fuel,
solvents, paper, cooking oil and endless Hemp products sales due to
this Federal Prohibition.

The Hemp Industry, in the production of fuel alone, has the ability to
pull the State of Michigan out of its debt problems as a hard cash
crop to the farmers, and new jobs in the production and distribution
market process, which far exceed the Keystone pipeline financial gain
and profits which most likely will come from sales to China, or
perhaps you are going to tell me that China will not see any of the
oil or fuel from the Keystone project?

Anyway, why give American money to another foreign nation when Hemp
fuel keeps the dollars right here in the United States where they belong.

What you are proposing is more of the same, that is, the Federal
Government's sanction of the contractual principle of Communism under
the Doctrine of Incorporation, whose monopolistic-constellation of
Astral Light Industries - i.e., Alchemy - engineered in the form of
Corporate Socialism, have the American economy all to themselves, in a
Nation that has evolved since the enactment of the 16th Amendment of
the U.S. Constitution, 1913, into a "Super atomic-Communist State."

There is no such thing as true Capitalism in today's world of American
commerce, for the Nation's commerce is guided by the "wager
contractual principle of an open-end forfeiture financial trust
system," whose currency is on a daily fiat wager float of illusionary
value as the contractual principle of Communism (i.e., the Tontine
principle and trust) consumes the wealth of the Nation and All the
World as a consequence of a "sterile" National and World economy
Communism historically and always begets - which is "why" the positive
laws of the Law of Contracts, VOID, all wager no-interest contracts
and policies pursuant to the statutes of, 19 Geo. II c. 37 and 14 Geo.
III c. 48, under the Law Merchant from commerce and public policy in
order to protect All the World from its destructive consequences; and
in construing public policy, Congress must construe and enact public
policy from a positive law or such policy is, void: Congress, can not
breach the Law of Contracts in construing public policy, not even
under the "necessary and proper" clause of the U.S. Constitution, for
to do so would invalidate the U.S. Constitution, for it is the Law of
Contracts which gives the U.S. Constitution its validity. Therefore,
the 16th Amendment and laws thereof have invalidated the U.S.
Constitution and suspended the Law of Contracts for the Greatest
Tontine Scheme in the history of Nations.

To President Obama: My e-mail to Congressman Fred Upton will be
published at www.harborcountrynews.com on Jan. 26, 2012, addressed to
him. Myself and millions and millions of Americans are waiting for you
to take the bold courage to liberate Hemp fuel and Medical Marijuana
from its current Federal Prohibition. On the Hemp-fuel issue, my
e-mail to Congressman Upton shall explain my position to you.

On the other hand, on the Medical Marijuana issue, I just renewed my
third State of Michigan Medical Marijuana License, for Hepatitis C,
which I am dying from as I write though I look 30 years younger than
my 60 years of age. What is needed is a uniform Federal Statute, for
all States that have by way of State Constitutions passed the Medical
Marijuana State Constitutional Amendment; and pertaining to the
Medical Marijuana Dispensary, the Dispensary should be in the legal
form of a "non-profit corporation" in order to keep the Dispensary
local with local employment, involvement and control. The Michigan
Program of "care-givers" is a good model. The defect is that the State
stopped short at the Dispensary issue due to Federal Law, which,
again, needs to be addressed.

Taking such a bold and courageous action on the Hemp fuel and Medical
Marijuana issues will bring positive political attention to yourself
and millions and millions of new votes your way in the up and coming
Presidential Election of 2012; for such action shall prove that the
President of the United States is listening to the will of the
American people as well as taking cognizance of State rights.

In the near future, President Obama, you will receive from me in the
U.S. Mail, the 93-year-old cold case murder of the Great Mr. E. K.
Warren; and the white-collar crimes which have "hit" the Warren Parks
and the Jean Klock Park of Benton Harbor, Michigan. There will be a
total of two mailings. The second mailing will travel deep into
"criminal insanity," exploring its cosmic nature of origin in the
Nature of Things since the primeval time of the Elohim of Creation
when the "Eye" of YHWH: Tetragrammaton: OSIRIS, awoke, at the primeval
rising of Sothis: at primeval time, when the First Family arose out of
the abyss of NU and the womb of NUT for, OSIRIS, is the "primeval
matter of primeval matter," and the Creative primeval force of the
Elohim; whereas, SET, primeval darkness, is the destructive primeval
force of the Elohim who murdered OSIRIS at the end of primeval time on
the first day of Creation, when the primeval darkness of Set,
enveloped, the primeval light of OSIRIS - as I lay out for you the
case of Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors against these United
States based upon the charge of, Congressman Louis T. Mc Fadden, on
the House Floor, 1934, against the twelve Federal Reserve Banks -
pending in Congress since 1934. The second mailing shall be titled,
"The Key, the Seal, the Ring of King Solomon: the contractual
principle of Communism under the Doctrine of Incorporation."

In other words, together we shall explore the criminal insanity of the
individual, and the collective-consciousness of the world at large -
of which is circumvented with unseen supernatural forces that have
been at war since the Elohim of Creation.

Happy Trails,

Si Osiri

New Buffalo
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