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News (Media Awareness Project) - US AZ: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensing Process Continues
Title:US AZ: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensing Process Continues
Published On:2012-01-25
Source:Glendale Star, The (AZ)
Fetched On:2012-01-28 06:04:12

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer recently announced Jan. 13, that she will
begin processing applications for medical marijuana

Brewer released the statement after her lawsuit was dismissed Jan. 4
by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton.

Brewer's lawsuit stopped dispensaries from finalizing the licensing
process and opening their doors just before the state was going to
begin the 30-day application period.

Brewer's decision will now allow state health officials to start the
process for licensing the dispensaries.

However, pending lawsuits could delay the licensing process to be
finalized and ultimately delay dispensaries from opening their doors
for business.

Several lawsuits are awaiting a decision in Maricopa County Superior

Glendale Planning Director Jon Froke discussed how Glendale is
handling the medical marijuana situation.

Froke and his department are responsible for administering the zoning
ordinance for medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. In 2011, the
Planning Department brought forward to the Planning Commission and
city council the zoning text amendment, which laid out the zoning
rules for medical marijuana dispensaries in Glendale.

Froke said although individuals can still apply for a medical
marijuana distribution license, his department has not seen any
activity for potential sites since last year.

Three dispensaries are allowed in Peoria. Froke said it is unclear how
many sites will be permitted in Glendale.

"It depends on how many applications we receive and what the zoning of
the property in question is," Froke said. "We anticipate Glendale will
have anywhere from two to three dispensaries."

Brewer intends to not allow workers to complete the dispensary license
process until the courts finalize a separate decision as to the
governing rules over dispensary sites.

Brewer halted the dispensary license process in May 2011, when she
thwarted the Arizona Department of Health Services from licensing
dispensaries, though she continued to allow the department to issue
identification to those who qualified for medical marijuana use.

Arizona voters approved the law in 2010, which allowed the ADHS to
issue permits for as many as 126 medical marijuana dispensaries
throughout the state.
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