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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN ON: Beaten Drug Dealer 'Was All Bent Over,' Mother Tells
Title:CN ON: Beaten Drug Dealer 'Was All Bent Over,' Mother Tells
Published On:2012-01-27
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON)
Fetched On:2012-01-28 06:03:31

The mother of a one-time marijuana dealer, who claims drug squad
officers beat him and stole his money, says she was shocked to see
how badly injured he looked hours later.

"He was all bent over, shuffling and bent over," testified Greeba
Quigley, 75, mother of Christopher Quigley, 46.

"His face was completely red," she told a police corruption trial,
recalling how her son looked when she bailed him out hours after the
alleged assault 14 years ago. "He had a big cut in between his eye
and forehead."

In the days that followed, he couldn't walk properly, she said.

"He was holding himself around the middle. He said he had terrible headaches."

Her son has claimed over six days of testimony that drug squad
officers brutally kicked, punched and choked him unconscious in a
police station over nine hours starting April 30, 1998, while angrily
demanding the whereabouts of his drugs and money.

They then seized $54,000 of cash from his mother's safety deposit
box, but returned only $22,850, he alleged.

Greeba Quigley testified that officers arrived with a search warrant
at her Bideford Ave. home, in a comfortable neighbourhood near Avenue
Rd. and Hwy. 401, at 12:17 a.m. on May 1, 1998.

The retired educator said she was shocked and somewhat scared when
four plainclothes police officers knocked on her door after she had
retired to bed.

They told her Christopher had been arrested for marijuana possession.
"I was extremely surprised," she said. "They said Chris was in a lot
of trouble."

They asked if her son had anything in the house. All she could think
of was his personal watercraft in the garage. Then she volunteered
that she was keeping money in her safety deposit box for her son and
she handed over the key.

She told prosecutor Milan Rupic she recalls that in the weeks prior
she had estimated how much money she held for her son. She said she
wrote down the amount $54,000 on a slip of paper, which she lost
but came across four years later after she had been contacted by
police investigating the officers.

She was testifying at the Ontario Superior Court trial of Steven
Correia, 44, John Schertzer, 54, Raymond Pollard, 47, Ned Maodus, 48,
and Joseph Miched, 53.

The former Central Field Command drug squad officers collectively
face 29 charges, laid in January 2004, including attempt to obstruct
justice, perjury, assault and extortion between 1997 and 2002.

Defence lawyers have not challenged the fact that Quigley was injured
by police, but suggest a struggle occurred only after an officer
tried to subdue Quigley, who they say was outraged upon learning
police were searching his mother's house.

The trial continues, presided over by Justice Gladys Pardu.
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