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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CA: LTE: Let Feds Grow Pot
Title:US CA: LTE: Let Feds Grow Pot
Published On:2012-01-26
Source:Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Fetched On:2012-01-27 06:02:08

I think I have the answer regarding the debate on banning marijuana:
Ban all home growing of marijuana, and the government will grow,
manage and distribute all medical marijuana.

They can farm it in the remote areas - i.e., desert and open land;
the smell shouldn't bother too many people out there.

Put up a fence and secure it with military forces like they do at
Area 51 (that is a very secure place).

Get low-security inmates to grow and harvest the crops. Anyone caught
growing it will be sent to jail, providing more cheap labor. Make
tent cities like in Arizona for the prisoners, which will cut the
cost of transportation.

Send the harvested crops to a lab to extract the tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC) from the plant and make it into a liquid form - easier to
store, ship and regulate, and only pharmacies will distribute. Like
other controlled medications, you get your prescription and if you
use it up in just a few days you will have to wait until you are
eligible for a refill.

Being that it is called an "alternative medicine" and not approved by
the FDA, it will not be covered by insurance and/or welfare. Those
who are "really" sick will pay for the medicine.

I bet we will see a vast decline in Proposition 215 medical cards.
Neighbors won't be growing it, the sick still have their
"medication," more jobs will be created through cheap labor and, yes, tax it.

David L. Gothrow Jr.

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