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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CA: PUB LTE: Just Legalize It
Title:US CA: PUB LTE: Just Legalize It
Published On:2012-01-24
Source:Ukiah Daily Journal, The (CA)
Fetched On:2012-01-25 06:02:47

The Ukiah Daily Journal's Editorial (Time to amend Prop. 215, Jan.
16, 2012) fails to acknowledge that the God-given plant cannabis
(marijuana) is extremely popular and many citizens who voted for
Prop. 215 did so with the realization that it was the closest thing
to re-legalizing the plant at the time. Since Prop. 215 was voted in,
support for legalizing cannabis has grown immensely. Cannabis will be
RE-legalized and millions of citizens across all of North America are
tired of waiting. Voters in California and Colorado will likely get
another golden opportunity in November 2012 and other states are
likely to join the race.

Amending Prop. 215 amounts to going backwards while citizens wish to
move forward. Perhaps the Daily Journal will consider editorializing
to legalize and regulate cannabis like beer or wine.

Stan White

Dillon, Colorado
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