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News (Media Awareness Project) - US MI: LTE: Legalized Recreational Marijuana Is A Bad Idea
Title:US MI: LTE: Legalized Recreational Marijuana Is A Bad Idea
Published On:2012-01-22
Source:Times Herald, The (Port Huron, MI)
Fetched On:2012-01-24 06:04:35

It's hard to deny medical marijuana -- prescribed in the proper
amounts to patients who truly need it and can be trusted to use it
responsibly -- is completely acceptable. Legalization of marijuana for
recreational purposes, however, is a completely different matter.

As the numbers of recreational users drastically increase, so will
irresponsible use.

Some legalization proponents might be tempted to compare marijuana to
alcohol. This is an insufficient comparison at best.

The fact is that these substances are different as are their effects
on people. Additionally, marijuana is considered a "gateway" drug,
with the potential to lead users to other drugs such as cocaine.

Moreover, the secondhand smoke marijuana produces can have an
intoxicating effect on others nearby, especially children. I don't
imagine most people would send their children to friends' homes where
the parents' actions might inadvertently get the children high,
regardless whether there are additional sober adults around to
supervise them.

Also consider the increased number of impaired drivers that will be on
the road. This is where a largely overlooked issue comes into play:
Society is not politically, legally or socially prepared for legal
recreational marijuana.

We will have to develop field tests to detect impaired drivers as well
as additional laws pertaining to the use of marijuana in public places
and around others (such as children or drivers). What about in the
workplace? The list goes on.

Here is the bottom line: Would you want your neighbors high and making
foolish choices, especially around your family?

Please make wise decisions. Legalized recreational marijuana is not a
good idea.


Fort Gratiot, Jan. 9
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