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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN ON: LTE: Have The Liberals Lost Their Collective Heads?
Title:CN ON: LTE: Have The Liberals Lost Their Collective Heads?
Published On:2012-01-19
Source:Peterborough This Week (CN ON)
Fetched On:2012-01-24 06:03:26

Re: 'Liberals on right track to legalize pot,' Our Opinion, Wed., Jan. 18

I see the federal Liberals are intent on self-destruction again,
content to spend many more 'years in the wilderness' with their new
position to legalize pot. One wonders where their heads are at and
where are Peterborough This Week's heads in showing its support?

Forget its potential as a 'gateway' drug, pot is not the same as
cigarettes. Tobacco does not impair, marijuana does. How do you
suggest keeping these 'tokers' from behind the wheel killing people?
Past research has also shown that more brain cells are destroyed with
marijuana use than with booze. What about the potential long term
health affects and costs of a lifetime of 'toking up' (whether
increased cancer or dementias)?

While no formal action was taken, I see the Liberals will likely be
changing their own rules so as to allow Bob Rae to run for the
permanent leader position.

Who could not have guessed months ago that would happen?
Unfortunately, while the rest of Canada and the younger set may not
remember, Ontario remembers this 'closet socialist' as an utter
disaster as NDP premier of Ontario.

Do 'Rae Days' ring a bell? I have voted Blue, Red and Orange in
provincial and federal elections, but I will never vote for the
federal Liberals with Rae as leader.

While the Liberals may pick up a few more younger votes, they will
certainly lose far more than they gain with such bone-headed moves.

Grant Morrison

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