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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CO: LTE: Dispense Of The Dispensaries
Title:US CO: LTE: Dispense Of The Dispensaries
Published On:2012-01-22
Source:Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)
Fetched On:2012-01-24 06:00:29


These past weeks the Camera has shown readers the hypocrisy of
legalized medical marijuana.

We now have 32 pot shops; 12 more applications are pending and will
probably be licensed making 44 dispensaries. (There aren't 44 of any
other kind of shops in town.) A number of Fort Collins pot pushers
will probably relocate here since their City Council has wisely
disallowed them.

If indeed narcotics such a marijuana have medical benefits, why not
have it grown by legitimate pharmaceutical companies and dispensed by
licensed pharmacies upon presentation of a valid prescription from a physician?

Why is the Boulder City Council so generous in granting licenses?
Could it be the $604,000 in taxes generated by the $18 million in pot
sales in just eight months?

I was relieved to see that pot shops were opposed in Longmont,
Louisville and surrounding communities. It appears our neighboring
council members have more sense than their Boulder counterparts who
passed this idiotic law. You asked for it, Boulder, when many of you
naively approved this vile practice -- cleverly disguised as a
medical benefit. Now you know that it was a subterfuge to legalize
the vile weed.

Having lambasted the growing obsession with pot and its legalization
I must confess that I too have an addiction. The good news is that
there will soon be a facility -- only one -- right here in Boulder to
nourish my craving: Trader Joe's most likely coming to town!


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