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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN BC: PUB LTE: Support A Just Drug Education Agenda
Title:CN BC: PUB LTE: Support A Just Drug Education Agenda
Published On:2012-01-20
Source:Coast Reporter (CN BC)
Fetched On:2012-01-23 06:03:21


Educators for Sensible Drug Policy is a coalition member, supporter
and advocate for Stop the Violence B.C. STVBC.

We are working with STV and the Health Officer's Council to
incorporate and implement drug education based on the fundamental
values of ideas over ideology, compassion over coercion and
rehabilitation over punishment. We work to reduce the negative health,
social and human right impacts of drug use.

EFSDP believes that effective drug policies are those that respect
human rights, international standards and scientific evidence of
effectiveness. Corporal punishment for drug offences fails all three
of these tasks. This amounts to little more than a government trying
to brutalize its way out of a drug problem.

We must look to drug models of prevention and protection. We must
change our government's `injustice' drug education agenda and
encourage those who support a `just' drug education agenda'

Judith Renaud

Executive Director/Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

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