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News (Media Awareness Project) - US AL: PUB LTE: Support Medical Marijuana Bill
Title:US AL: PUB LTE: Support Medical Marijuana Bill
Published On:2012-01-21
Source:Anniston Star (AL)
Fetched On:2012-01-23 06:02:28

In the upcoming session of the Alabama Legislature, Rep. K.L. Brown
of Jacksonville will introduce the Alabama Medical Marijuana
Patients' Rights Act, which, if passed, would make the medicinal use
of marijuana legal in Alabama.

I believe marijuana is a better solution for chronic-pain patients
than the traditionally prescribed drugs. Too many times, doctors
prescribe Loritab, Percocet, Valium and Oxycotin for pain. Most of
these drugs are addictive and contain acetaminophen. People on these
drugs can become dependent on them, and the acetaminophen can cause
deterioration of the kidneys -- not to mention that all these drugs
have to go through the liver. Remember that some of these patients
take these drugs for many years.

Please write your legislator about this issue. If you knew someone or
had a loved one who had to take these other drugs, you would agree
with me. Also, please talk to your local power players, such as city
and county elected officials and your pastor -- the people who have
influence within a legislator's district.

This is a valuable piece of legislation that would ease the pain and
suffering of thousands of Alabama patients, but it will only be
successful if people like you take the time to care.

Coleen Cole

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