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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN NS: Editorial: Legal Pot Sales Pose Complications
Title:CN NS: Editorial: Legal Pot Sales Pose Complications
Published On:2012-01-21
Source:Evening News, The (CN NS)
Fetched On:2012-01-23 06:01:42

A tentative proposal by the federal Liberals to legalize marijuana
raises both interest and eyebrows. But would they ever go ahead with
such measures if elected, or is it just a way of distancing
themselves from the stodgy Conservatives and appearing edgy?

At their convention last weekend, a proposal from the party's youth
wing was to legalize pot, control sales, as with booze and tobacco,
and enjoy the tax revenue.

It's been noted that the substance has been illegal for so long, and
a subject of such hysteria, that a majority of Canadians would have
trouble getting used to the idea of lifting laws.

The pro-side says a lot of money goes into prosecuting people for
possession and it doesn't stop people anyway. Why not take sales out
of the hands of criminals?

But an article carried this week by The Canadian Press highlights
some of the complications that would accompany a move to legalize.
For one thing, presumably there would be an age limit, so policing
and legal costs wouldn't disappear.

Also, what about production controls of a herb that's relatively easy
to grow? In addition to backyard growers, if taxes are relatively
steep, as with tobacco, the black market could still get involved.

On a production note, you have to wonder how things would turn out in
government hands. Product from government-run facilities has been
roundly criticized as poor quality by medical marijuana users. And
just this week problems similar to those posed by grow-ops were found
at a federally approved medical marijuana operation in Calgary:
building code violations, compromised air intake, toxins, pesticides,
herbicides, fertilizer and potentially contaminated drinking water.

Another huge factor: the U.S. isn't likely to follow suit. Consider
the fresh border nightmares.

And how about nabbing impaired drivers?

Ideally, it makes a lot of sense to legalize, control sales and
profit on taxes. But as the devil is always in the details, it's just
not likely to happen.
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