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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CO: PUB LTE: Message On Pot Full Of Lies
Title:US CO: PUB LTE: Message On Pot Full Of Lies
Published On:2012-01-18
Source:Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)
Fetched On:2012-01-20 06:01:42

It's a fact: Cannabis (marijuana) is safer than alcohol, and that
fact doesn't change (Letters: "Sorry message about pot," Jan. 11)
between adults or teens. Historically, the message from
prohibitionists to teens about cannabis is full of lies, half-truths
and propaganda and has contributed to increased hard drug addiction
rates, contempt for all drug laws, erosion of the U.S. Constitution
and has done nothing good. One recent study even indicates states
which have legalized medical cannabis are experiencing lower alcohol
usage and less traffic fatalities ("Study: States That Legalized
Medical Pot See Decrease," The Missoulian, Dec. 28, 2011).

It's commendable to keep youth away from cannabis but caging
responsible adults for using the extremely popular God-given plant
(see the first page of the Bible) is the wrong way to do it.

Stan White

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