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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN AB: LTE: Power Companies Should Report Their Suspicions
Title:CN AB: LTE: Power Companies Should Report Their Suspicions
Published On:2012-01-16
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB)
Fetched On:2012-01-18 06:00:49

Re: "Time to take drug growers' power theft seriously," Diane
Colley-Urquhart, Opinion, Jan. 13.

Thank you for this great column - from all the right perspectives!
The only thing is that it shouldn't have been happening in the first
place. I think we need a law to hold power distribution companies
responsible to monitor usage, within some reasonable limits, and to
inform the police of suspected or probable theft so that swift action
can be taken and marijuana production reduced, at least.

The apparent practice of power generation companies maximizing their
gross revenues at the expense of the public interest is egregious,
and strong corrective action should be taken at the board and senior
management levels of such organizations.

Even if there is an added cost to install suitable distribution
detection equipment, these companies have a fundamental
responsibility to serve the public interest in exchange for the
privilege of being in business and the special protection they
receive from competition as utilities.

It sounds to me as though our laws may be deficient and, if so, this
should be made public and quickly corrected.

Bill Penhale,

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