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News (Media Awareness Project) - Tanzania: Editorial: Let's Sustain Anti-Drug War
Title:Tanzania: Editorial: Let's Sustain Anti-Drug War
Published On:2012-01-14
Source:Citizen, The (Tanzania)
Fetched On:2012-01-18 06:00:29

Police Anti-Drug Unit head Godfrey Nzowa and his team deserve praise
for their dedication to tracing the movement of illegal narcotic drugs
countrywide. The unit impounded a record 210 kilogrammes of heroin and
arrested four suspects in Lindi Municipality on Thursday.

In September, they seized 97 kilogrammes of heroin worth Sh4.3 billion
and arrested three Tanzanians and an Iranian suspect in Tanga.Two
Pakistanis were arrested with 179 kilogrammes at Mbezi in Dar es
Salaam in February.

The latest development confirms the United Nations Office on Drugs and
Crime report that drug traffickers have turned some African countries,
including Tanzania, into a cost-effective route for heroin shipment to
Europe and elsewhere.

Given the tough restrictions on transiting through Asia and the Middle
East, the drug traffickers are now taking advantage of our
geographical location, porous borders and police inefficiency.

Intensified security checks in Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Bagamoyo ports
lately have pushed the drug dealers into offloading their consignments
on the south-eastern coast.

As we congratulate Nzowa's team, we may want to consider New Year
resolutions that go beyond committing ourselves to volunteering
tip-offs, arrests, prosecution, convictions and meting out penalties.
We should go for the Big One-eliminating drug trafficking and
consumption by end of this year.
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