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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CO: LTE: What A Sorry Message
Title:US CO: LTE: What A Sorry Message
Published On:2012-01-12
Source:Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)
Fetched On:2012-01-16 06:03:15

Anyone watching the growing emphasis by pot users to get pot fully
legalized in Colorado can't be surprised by the latest news that pot
proponents have submitted 160,000 signatures to the state of Colorado
to get their legalization initiative on the 2012 November ballot. A
report in the Denver Post stated that the measure would amend the
Colorado Constitution to allow the possession and use of pot by people
21 and older.

According to multiple national studies, Colorado's pot use among teens
is on the rise and is among the highest in the country - and it has
coincided with the introduction of medical pot. If full blown
recreational pot use is approved by Colorado voters, you can imagine
the impact on teen use? Teens would not be allowed to buy the stuff
legally, just as they are not allowed to buy and use it now under the
medical pot law. But somehow they just get it anyway. Funny how that

What an awful message we have sent to our youth. It is better to use
pot to get high vs. alcohol. It is true that teen alcohol use is on
the decline (and that is good), but according to studies, teens think
pot is less risky than alcohol. What a sorry message.

Remember, please - vote no on this initiative if indeed it finds its
way to the 2012 ballot, which it looks like it will.

Steve Sinn

Manitou Springs
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