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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN AB: LTE: Treason
Title:CN AB: LTE: Treason
Published On:2012-01-14
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB)
Fetched On:2012-01-16 06:01:28

Re: "Warnings ramped up over street drug spiked with lethal chemical,"Jan.

We need to rethink our attitudes and legal posture toward those who
engage for profit in potentially lethal activities directed at
Canadian citizens.

I have long believed that organizations such as the Hells Angels are,
de facto, engaged in an action against the state when they distribute
drugs, and engage in other activities that systematically undermine
society, requiring the state to expend money, and cause agents of the
state to be at risk, when defending against their illegal activities.
These activities go beyond random criminal acts.

I believe the manufacturers and distributors of drugs such as ecstasy
are also acting against the state, and specifically, against our children.

I believe the actions of those adults who organize, direct or in any
way participate in such activities should be classified, not as merely
criminal, but treasonous, providing harsh minimum penalties for the
first offence, and extreme penalties such as 25 years to life in
prison for a second offence.

Young people will experiment, but let us provide woe to those who
provide lethal drugs for them to experiment with.

Dave W. Reesor,

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