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News (Media Awareness Project) - US CA: LTE: 'Medical' Marijuana Is Mostly For Money
Title:US CA: LTE: 'Medical' Marijuana Is Mostly For Money
Published On:2012-01-08
Source:Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
Fetched On:2012-01-09 06:03:10

First, I would like to state that "my personal opinion" is that
marijuana is a better "drug of choice" than booze. I have close
relationships with drinkers and potheads. While they're under the
influence, I prefer the potheads, although I would rather not be around either.

Now, to the reason I am writing: I have followed the medical
marijuana issue closely, and it is mostly garbage. While there are
people who truly benefit from its use, most of those that have a
Proposition 215 "script" are not using it for medical reasons. They
are using it for a legal high, period. I personally know, and it
pains me to admit it, more than 20 people who have "scripts." Several
of these people have been pushing me, really pushing me, to get a
"script" for my wrecked back. Not because they think it will help me
but to allow them to grow larger amounts so they can make more money.

Of the 22 people I know - yes, 22 - who have scripts, only two have
even a tiny reason for its regular use. One has a sleeping disorder.
He is only supposed to use it before bed to "aid in restful sleep." I
guess he needs to sleep all day because he smokes it all day. Also,
there is a medication that would cost him less that he could take.

The other person has been smoking pot so much for so long that if he
doesn't smoke it he can't eat, a common side effect of prolonged use
of marijuana.

Two out of 22 that have scripts. Not good.

The fact is people are using their scripts to legalize money-making
grows and to get high. I am tired of those who misuse scripts trying
to wrap their misuse up in the guise of "providing medicine" for
those who need it. That is just plain abuse of a law that was meant
to help people. I stand behind the city's ruling to close the
collectives. Those who need it should grow their own. They don't need
99 plants; a few will do. Who the heck needs 99 plants for "personal
medication" anyway? Get real.

If you need that much medication, wow. What else is there to say. It
is in your face abuse, period.

Susan Chalecki,

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