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News (Media Awareness Project) - US TX: Editorial: Failing A Drug Test Can Cost You A Job
Title:US TX: Editorial: Failing A Drug Test Can Cost You A Job
Published On:2012-01-07
Source:Houston Chronicle (TX)
Fetched On:2012-01-09 06:02:23

As the joke goes, overuse of marijuana can harm short-term memory and
long-term memory, and also short-term memory. But while the fight
continues over marijuana's possible medical benefits, there is one
area where the harm from marijuana use is clear: jobs that mandate
drug tests.

With retiring baby boomers and a slowly recovering economy, the demand
for skilled workers - such as mechanics, pipe fitters and commercial
truckers - is on the rise. But companies in Texas are facing a
shortage of these skilled laborers. Part of the problem is that
workers simply do not have the vocational training to fill these
well-paying positions. Another problem is that otherwise acceptable
job appli-cants cannot pass mandatory drug tests.

In his address to this year's annual Texas Workforce Commission
conference, TWC Chairman Tom Pauken recounted a story about a Texas
job fair at which a company pre-approved more than 100 commercial
trucker applicants, but had to turn away more than half for failing
federally mandated drug tests.

While the rise of medical marijuana may send a mixed message about
drug use, people have to understand that if they are going to work
with dangerous machinery, they have to be at the top of their game.
Lingering effects of drug use can pose a harm not only to machine
operators' physical safety, but to their employability as well.

While some may question the degree to which certain personal drug use
is unhealthy or harmful, the consequences of a failed drug test are
undeniable. And that is reason enough to not do drugs.

Besides, the warm, fuzzy feeling of a steady paycheck provides a
pretty good high on its own.
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