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News (Media Awareness Project) - US MI: LTE: Arguments To End Marijuana Prohibition Are False
Title:US MI: LTE: Arguments To End Marijuana Prohibition Are False
Published On:2012-01-06
Source:Bay City Times, The (MI)
Fetched On:2012-01-07 06:01:30

Marijuana should remain illegal under Michigan state law. The
arguments put forth by the 2012 Michigan Ballot to End Marijuana
Prohibition initiative are false and misleading.

They say the prohibition of marijuana decreases the health and public
safety of Michigan families. Serious? It's hard enough to keep kids
from alcohol abuse, let alone drug use.

They say prohibition makes it easier for minors to obtain the stuff.
The truth is if it's legal, more younger kids will be pressured to use

They say it would take the pressure off policing and actually create a
better relationship with law enforcement. I think it will increase
crime, as there will be more people under the influence.

There are lots of facts on the consequences of marijuana use. Check
out the National Institute on Drug Abuse for a wealth of

The Heritage Foundation reports that science proves marijuana is an
addictive substance. It impairs mental and physical functions, and is
associated with all kinds of conditions such as memory loss, cancer
and birth defects, to name a few.

Research also shows that in areas of decriminalization, crime and
violence are the direct result of marijuana trafficking.

However, even without these facts I have the common sense to realize
that legalization of marijuana will lead to increased crime, the
further breakdown of the family, addictions, increased dependency on
Michigan's welfare system and increased use by children.

Pat Reif, Blumfield Township
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