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News (Media Awareness Project) - Nepal: OPED: Tackling Drug Abuse
Title:Nepal: OPED: Tackling Drug Abuse
Published On:2011-12-28
Source:Himalayan Times, The (Nepal)
Fetched On:2011-12-29 06:02:59

The use of drugs and drug-related items has been prohibited by the
law. But this prohibition hasn't been able to eliminate use of drugs
particularly among the youths. It has rather assisted the creation of
a black market. Different chains of traffickers are active in
supplying drug to the abusers. Today's commonly used illegal drug is
marijuana and hashish. Neither our law has been capable to check their
rampant use nor its production, distribution and sale. Despite the
regular raids and the seizure of tons of such narcotics, the use has
not been observed to be growing less.

Likewise, there are such drugs which are sold in pharmacies with a
legal prescription. Consider the examples of legally prescribed
opilates or marijuana to treat problems like menstrual pain in
females. But the pharmacies here look for money not the prescription
and thus the drug access is easy for abusers. Other type of addicts
like inhalants of paints, gums and dendrite, are tough to control. The
more tight the security system is made in stopping transportation of
drugs, abusers are found using much more complicated methods for
transportation. So, it's not wise to rely only on national law to
solve the drug problem.

Nepali youths are found prone to drug abusing. Reports show that
thirty per cent of Kathmandu valley people are mentally ill and 22.7
per cent among them are students. The new to old patient ratio in
Patan Mental hospital is 1:4. And, in fact, it is drugs that has
triggered mental illness in most of the drug abusers.

To eliminate this drug use, we need to eliminate its root first. Many
of us may think it's because of ignorance, but it's not, rather it's
because of stupidity. Today, every youth and abuser knows that abusing
drugs is injurious to their health and career prospects. So, it's
unwise to spend much money in organizing programs to make such youths
aware about the horrors of addiction.

Misconceptions that drug relieves from peer pressure is prevailing
even today. Youths are curious to taste the drugs because they see
their elders and many friends using them. Although they know it's
injurious, they can't stop themselves from going dor drug use.

Efforts are needed to control the availability of drugs. The medicinal
drugs should be only through the few government pharmacies, and that
also with a valid prescription. This step will help in reducing drug
abuse. Crucial role should be played by guardians in making their
children aware of the hazards of substance use, besides monitoring
their activities. Only a balanced approach of prevention, enforcement
and treatment can be effective in fighting drug use.
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