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News (Media Awareness Project) - UK: 150 Years In Prison: 83 Dealers Off The Streets In
Title:UK: 150 Years In Prison: 83 Dealers Off The Streets In
Published On:2011-12-19
Source:Star, The (Sheffield , UK)
Fetched On:2011-12-20 06:02:59

THE BIGGEST police drugs operation South Yorkshire has ever seen - set
up to tackle gang violence and murder - was hailed a success today
after seven more dealers were locked up.

The operation, which began in August 2009 and has now concluded has
seen 83 men, women and juveniles put behind bars for a total of around
150 years or given community sentences.

Police launched Operation Mach after a spate of murders, stabbings and
shootings involving members of postcode gangs.

The aim was to deter city youngsters from getting caught up in gangs
and drug dealing.

Sentencing the last batch of defendants, Judge Alan Goldsack QC
praised the police and said the sentences should act as a clear
warning to drug dealers that 'the long arm of the law will reach those

Sheffield Crown Court heard plain clothes officers snared dealers
selling cocaine and heroin near schools, in children's parks and
outside places of worship across Sheffield.

The youngest to be convicted was just 13.

In the latest cases Richard Pidcock, 40, of HMP Moorlands, was jailed
for three years and a day.

Jamaine Anderson, 26, of Low Edges Crescent, Low Edges, Daniel
Anderson, 32, of Gloucester Street, Broomhall, Ramone Robinson, 19 of
Weldrake Road, Firth Park, Fabien McLaren, 19, of Beldon Close,
Arbourthorne, and Joshua James, 19, of Raleigh Road, Heeley, were
jailed for a total of six years, four months.

All were found guilty of selling heroin, crack cocaine or cannabis on
the city's streets.

Superintendent Peter Norman said he devised the operation after
residents living in communities blighted by drugs raised repeated
concerns about their safety.

He said gangsters even turned up to public meetings to intimidate
residents and see who was passing on information to the police.

Supt Norman said: "This was a multi-agency operation targeting
criminal gangs who consisted of young men suspected of supplying drugs.

"Traditional policing methods had failed to make the desired impact
and it was becoming clear a disproportionate number of young people
and local residents were being affected by a growing problem.

"It is critically important young people in Sheffield feel safe and
are safe within their communities."

He added: "This sends out a clear message to anyone thinking of
getting involved in drug dealing.

"If you think its safe to deal drugs or be involved in gang-related
crime in South Yorkshire, it is not.

"If you think communities will tolerate you, you are wrong. If you
think people are afraid to tell us who you are, you are wrong.

"Drugs and violence ruin lives. We will never tolerate it and we will
arrest you wherever and whenever we can."
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