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News (Media Awareness Project) - US WI: PUB LTE: Marijuana It Really Is A No-Brainer
Title:US WI: PUB LTE: Marijuana It Really Is A No-Brainer
Published On:2011-12-11
Source:Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
Fetched On:2011-12-13 06:06:44

Charles Wood's letter on medical marijuana points to the problems when
law enforcement agencies attempt to legislate public health ("Not a
good choice for those in pain," Nov. 7). He puts forth a pained argument.

Alcohol is not an analgesic, as he claims. Analgesics are medicines
used for the control of pain. Do they administer Jack Daniels at
hospice care? Analgesics are either over the counter, such as
acetaminophen (causing liver damage and death), or prescription
opioids (responsible for more deaths today than car accidents.)

If marijuana is not suitable because it "has a high potential for
abuse," please explain how prescription opioids "do not have a high
potential for abuse" and, therefore, are, to the contrary, suitable.

Marijuana will gain acceptance in the medical community, contra Wood's
argument, when it is given a chance to. Furthermore, if "medical
marijuana is just a sham to advance the legalization of pot," then
please, Mr. Wood, point to one state with medical marijuana laws where
this has happened.

Yes, the Journal Sentinel believes medical marijuana is a no-brainer.
Wood could avoid joining this status by a) consulting the research,
and b) avoiding the illogical rhetoric.

Nate Bodensteiner

West Bend
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