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News (Media Awareness Project) - US: PUB LTE: Deal A Blow To The Drug War By Legalizing
Title:US: PUB LTE: Deal A Blow To The Drug War By Legalizing
Published On:2011-11-26
Source:Wall Street Journal (US)
Fetched On:2011-12-10 06:05:00

Mr. Cardoso is right about marijuana legalization reducing drug use.
The so-called gateway to hard drugs is a direct result of marijuana
prohibition. As long as marijuana distribution is dominated by
criminal organizations that sell cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine,
the gateway will remain open. The experience of European countries
that have decriminalized marijuana suggests that fears of increased
marijuana use are unfounded.

The dearth of U.S. leadership is inexcusable. More Massachusetts
residents voted for marijuana decriminalization in 2008 than voted
for Barack Obama. Despite majority public support for medical
marijuana, President Obama has reneged on a campaign promise to
respect states' rights. While Congress grapples with defense and
entitlement cuts, a federal crackdown on state medical marijuana
dispensaries is in full force. Mexican drug cartels are the prime
beneficiaries of this misguided effort.

Robert Sharpe Policy Analyst Common Sense for Drug Policy Washington
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