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News (Media Awareness Project) - New Zealand: PUB LTE: Politicians Hypocritical Over Marijuana
Title:New Zealand: PUB LTE: Politicians Hypocritical Over Marijuana
Published On:2011-10-03
Source:Bay Of Plenty Times (New Zealand)
Fetched On:2011-10-07 06:01:26

The responses from John Key and Simon Bridges to Don Brash's comments
on decriminalising cannabis have certainly been emotive.

John Key: "There's no place for drugs in our society. We've got to
stand up and say we don't want drugs."

I would note that the Prime Minister likes wine and has personally
blocked any moves to restrict access to it, or put the price up.

Mr Bridges has also revealed himself a prohibitionist - at least as
far as cannabis goes.

The problem here for Mr Bridges is that cannabis is a low to moderate
risk substance yet at the same time, he is very soft on that far more
dangerous drug, alcohol.

Even more confusing, Mr Bridges turns and labels addiction specialist
Professor Doug Sellman, as being "almost a prohibitionist" for
suggesting we follow a number of rather mild WHO policies which would
reduce alcohol harm.

Outstanding inconsistency from both politicians.

Dr Tony Farrell,

Mount Maunganui
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