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News (Media Awareness Project) - New Zealand: Drug Dogs Search 'Every Inch' Of King's
Title:New Zealand: Drug Dogs Search 'Every Inch' Of King's
Published On:2011-10-02
Source:New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Fetched On:2011-10-06 06:01:15

King's College went into "lockdown" this week with sniffer dogs
searching the school boarding houses.

A concerned parent, of two boys at the school, told the Herald on
Sunday parents raised concerns at a meeting on Tuesday night.

"Out of that came the decision to have the school go into lockdown
mode on Wednesday morning. Dogs were sent in to search every inch of
the school. Parents had no notification," said the parent, who asked
not to be named.

"Parents are paying enormous fees and you cannot get anything out of
the school - you have to rely on your children for information," she

Seventeen-year-old David Gaynor died after an incident at a motorway
overbridge following the school ball earlier this year and 16-year-old
James Webster died in 2010 from acute alcohol poisoning after drinking
a bottle of vodka at a party.

Headmaster Bradley Fenner said the searches were part of the school's
firm line.

"Last week we had a couple of sniffer dogs come in and go right
through the school. We had told parents beforehand in a letter.

"We have had a lot of positive feedback from parents who are delighted
with our firm line," he said.

"As a result two students left us because of their involvement with
cannabis and that is all the information I can give you."
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