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News (Media Awareness Project) - UK: PUB LTE: Punished - for Fighting Pain
Title:UK: PUB LTE: Punished - for Fighting Pain
Published On:2011-08-30
Source:Lancashire Telegraph (UK)
Fetched On:2011-09-01 06:01:53

Regarding the sentencing of Jacqueline Yorke and Kenneth Laird
('Nelson couple who grew cannabis for arthritis spared jail', LT, Aug
26), this has been a tragedy of injustice!

After being arrested for growing cannabis in their own home to ease
the terrible pains of arthritis, Laird was given a six-month prison
sentence and Yorke four months, each suspended for 18 months.

Each must pay UKP200 court costs. Laird must carry out 120 hours
community service and Yorke 100 hours.

I am sure that the Misuse of Drugs Act was not really meant to stop
people growing a few cannabis plants at home to ease the symptoms of
some terrible ailments and pains, including arthritis.

And to the person who commented online and apparently regards the
users as liars and junkies - wake up, you are a fool to believe the
Government and big pharmaceutical companies that are ripping you off blind.

By all means, take their expensive pills with their risks of
side-effects, but there remains no reason to punish medicinal
cannabis plant users that have done no harm to others.

These people were not 'spared jail', they were given suspended
sentences which one day they may serve if caught again.

It puts them in an unenviable and cruel position of having to choose
between pain and less effective pharmaceutical painkillers with
side-effects, or prison.

What sort of law do we allow to punish people in pain simply for
trying to ease that pain using a plant?

Alun Buffry, Norwich.
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