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News (Media Awareness Project) - Fiji: Substance Abuse Linked To Peer Pressure
Title:Fiji: Substance Abuse Linked To Peer Pressure
Published On:2011-08-09
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)
Fetched On:2011-08-10 06:02:38

SUBSTANCE abuse has been described as bad for mental

National adviser on non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Dr Isimeli
Tukana said most cases of marijuana and glue-sniffing were the result
of peer pressure.

"Marijuana is a stimulant and puts you on a high but it doesn't help
in the mental health of a person," he said.

Dr Tukana, however, agreed that some countries prescribed marijuana to
certain patients for medical use only.

He said cases of glue-sniffing did not help in creating a good mental
status of a person involved in such thing.

Apart from affecting a person's brain, he said, sniffing glue also
resulted in other medical problems and it also damaged organs.

"Glue is meant to paste paper and repair shoes and other things and if
you sniff it, then it pastes everything in the body."

Dr Tukana said people should also refrain from smoking cigarettes and
indulging in excessive alcohol consumption.

He said alcohol was not bad for health but too much of it affected the
mental status and health of a person.

"People should also avoid taking fatty, salty and sweet foods because
they are not good for a person's health in general.

"In fact, people should avoid excessive sugar or sweet things because
it makes the brain sleepy and does not help in ensuring a good mental
health," said Dr Tukana.
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