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News (Media Awareness Project) - Pakistan: Leniency Against Accused
Title:Pakistan: Leniency Against Accused
Published On:2011-07-25
Source:Daily Times (Pakistan)
Fetched On:2011-07-27 06:01:30

Women Drug Pushers Make Mockery Of Law

* 198 accused issued arrest warrants for not appearing before court in 2011

ISLAMABAD: Taking disadvantage of leniency of laws most of females
accused of drug pushing in capital have fled after obtaining bails
from the district court to deflect appearance before courts for next
time, and above all majority was found again in this nefarious crime.

A thorough examination of record at district court of the current
year revealed that district court issued arrest warrant of 198 women
for not appearing before court after getting bails in the cases of
narcotics and other drug related cases.

All cases are registered against them under section 9-A, 9-B and 9-C
(Drug Act, using and selling Charas, Ganjha, Afeem and Heroin).
Meanwhile in current year, 356 women have been booked for drug using
and selling under Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997. Besides
this in 2010 369 cases was registered against women according to drug act.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Kamran Bashrat Mufti Court issued 58,
ASJ Wajahat Hussain issued 43, ASJ Yaar Muhammad Gondal issued 26,
Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Kashif Qayyum has issued 29,
Judicial Magistrate Naeem Shoukat has issued 18 and Civil Judge Rai
Liyqat Kharal court issued 18 arrest warrants of drug pushers women
for not appearing before court after getting bails in the cases of
narcotics under section 9-A, B and C.

As per law, if any person involved in criminal activity and was
granted bail before or after arrest from relevant court, the offender
is bound to appear before court in every hearing of case against him
until the disposed of the case. If the offender did not produce
before court in first hearing then court issues summon to appear before court.

Even after that the alleged do not appear before court then court
again issues summon to him/her and similarly if the person do not
appear even after three summons then judicial officer is bound to
issue non-bailable arrest warrant of accused.

According to court official, the punishment in drug using and selling
was same for men and women but women who were involved in that matter
were given advantage according to Women Protection Act 2006, in which
the criminal women seek sympathy on humanities grounds and bail is granted.

After getting bail the drug pusher women avoid to appear before court
because they are the member of established drug rackets and they are
aware about the fact, how to tackle the law and relevant authorities.
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