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News (Media Awareness Project) - CN MB: Ex-Cop Caught Up In Police Net One Chose Life Of Crime
Title:CN MB: Ex-Cop Caught Up In Police Net One Chose Life Of Crime
Published On:2009-12-04
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB)
Fetched On:2009-12-04 17:14:01

One Of 34 Targeted In Major Undercover Assault On Angels

Lea Miller for the Winnipeg Free Press Police prepare to enter a
property on Pembina Highway during a major raid Wednesday as 34 arrest
warrants were executed.

One target of a major undercover police sting operation was a former
Manitoba RCMP officer who gave up the badge and later became a
high-ranking Hells Angels associate, according to court documents
obtained by the Free Press.

Wayne Shuttleworth hid his policing past from fellow Zig Zag Crew
members, knowing it would be an automatic ticket to rejection from the
gang. But his secret became public on Thursday after a series of
arrest warrants was filed with the Court of Queen's Bench.

The documents revealed numerous aspects of Project DIVIDE, the
13-month organized crime probe that relied heavily on the services of
a former gang member-turned police informant known only as "Agent 22."
The identity of the informant hasn't been disclosed publicly, but it
was not Shuttleworth. The informant is currently being relocated under
witness protection.

Cpl. Jonathan Morrisseau, of Manitoba's Integrated Organized Crime
Task Force, wrote in an affidavit the investigation targeted
"upper-echelon drug dealers and their associates in Winnipeg, Surrey
and Burnaby, B.C." Police authorized the arrests this week of 34
suspects -- at least half are Zig Zag members -- and executed two
dozen search warrants at various locations, including the Hells Angels
Scotia Street clubhouse. More than 300 RCMP and police from Winnipeg,
Brandon, Ste. Anne and B.C. were involved.

Shuttleworth, 39, was arrested at his Ross Avenue home early Wednesday
by heavily armed members of the police emergency response team. He has
been charged with participating in a criminal organization,
trafficking a firearm, possession of proceeds of crime and conspiracy
to launder money.

Police identified Shuttleworth in court documents as a full-patch
member of the Zig Zag Crew, the so-called puppet club of the Hells
Angels. The documents say Shuttleworth was an RCMP officer between
1991 and 1994, who had extensive firearm training and "an ongoing
interest in firearms." Shuttleworth allegedly had various
conversations with the police agent in which he discussed having a
connection on the Sandy Bay Indian Reserve that would allow him to
purchase firearms. He allegedly told the agent to never pull a gun out
"unless you're gonna use it."

Police records show Shuttleworth had registered a 12-gauge shotgun and
.22-calibre semi-automatic rifle, which were believed to be in his
home. That caused investigators some anxiety when asking the court to
obtain a "no-knock" warrant that allowed them to storm inside
Shuttleworth's home without warning.

One of the other big catches for police was full-patch Hells Angels
member Sean Wolfe, along with his half-brother, David Single, and his
half-sister, Patricia Walsh. The trio was allegedly involved in
several significant cocaine deals.

Walsh, 37, was in tears during her initial court appearance Thursday
afternoon. She claimed to have no criminal involvement or
understanding of why she'd been arrested.

Crown attorney Chris Mainella told court Walsh is accused of seven
separate cocaine transactions and six counts of possessing proceeds of
crime. Her arrest warrant includes allegations she drove her two young
children to school before heading to a meeting with an undercover RCMP
officer, who was sold seven ounces of cocaine back in April.

Police alleged Single met with the agent at the Tuxedo Park Shopping
Centre to discuss a drug deal. Police say other transactions were done
in the parking lots of various Winnipeg restaurants and stores
throughout the operation.

Police describe Wolfe in court documents "as a person one should not

"He is not only highly respected but feared by numerous individuals
and has the propensity to resort to violence," Morrisseau wrote in his
affidavit. He cited numerous examples of Hells Angels intimidation,
which included another suspect warning the police agent to pay a $500
debt or face serious consequences.

Police also arrested the sergeant-at-arms of the Manitoba Hells
Angels, Thomas Winget.

He allegedly told the agent last spring he had access to a "soft body
armour vest and that he could obtain explosives from an ex-military
member." Winget allegedly claimed he wanted revenge on a group of men
who attacked him in a Winnipeg bar and warned that it would "be ugly."

Police documents also reveal one of the targets, Christopher Dheilly,
allegedly offered to sell the agent a handgun and silencer in
September. The agent declined.

The agent was flown to British Columbia earlier this year to meet with
two gang associates interested in purchasing firearms.

Discussions were held in a Vancouver restaurant -- and secretly
monitored by police -- about sending the firearms "through the mail."
One of the accused, Eric Sandberg, allegedly claimed he could acquire
any type of gun the agent wanted and spoke of plans to "wipe out all
of the competition in Surrey."

Police seized a total of 165 ounces of cocaine, 12 ounces of
methamphetamine, 12,000 ecstasy tablets, one ounce of heroin and seven
pounds of marijuana during their investigation, along with an
undisclosed quantity of money, firearms and gang paraphernalia.

Police said Thursday they are still seeking four of the 34 suspects on
warrants. They include Winnipeg residents Bruce Brown, 43, Lloyd
Jansen, 38 and Blair Alford, 55, along with Selkirk resident Gerald
Russell Frommelt, 25.

All of those arrested remain in custody and have adjourned their cases
until Jan. 13.
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