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News (Media Awareness Project) - Canada: Rough Ride: Meet The Angels Among Us
Title:Canada: Rough Ride: Meet The Angels Among Us
Published On:2001-01-28
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Fetched On:2008-01-28 15:55:16


If you do as the club urges and "Support Your Local Hells Angels," this is
who you are backing:


* Kelly Thomas Adam, 33, a bulky five-foot-nine with a shaved head and a
goatee. Cops allege Adam, of Grande Prairie, has been a violent man. He's
currently charged in Falkland, B.C., with break and enter, two counts of
assault causing bodily harm, uttering threats and assault with a weapon.

The story in that town, a spot on the map on a short-cut highway between
Vernon and Kamloops, is that this is about a debt collection. But while
police claim Angels are big in that business, this one is the other way

"The victims don't want much publicity about it," a B.C. cop told The Sun.

Allegedly the victims put the word out that Adam owed money and wasn't
paying. The charges are for what Adam allegedly did after he heard about
that story going around town.

He was to go to trial in November, but the Vernon court judge was in a car
wreck and it's been adjourned.

In January last year Adam was charged by Grande Prairie RCMP with assaulting
a peace officer at that city's court house. He pleaded guilty in April and
was fined $575, the Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune reported.

* Bernie John Asquin, 46, of Edmonton, has the official status of Friend to
the local chapter of the Hells Angels. He was known to work at a motorcycle
shop owned by a full member.

* William (Bill) Barber, 47, lives in Fort Saskatchewan and works in Fort
McMurray. Barber is currently accused of threatening someone. He is to
appear in provincial court for a preliminary hearing in April.

* Neil Patrick Cantrill, 42, of Edmonton, is facing the most serious charges
cops have ever laid against local Hells Angels. The former Rebel, whose
previous pinch was for illegal possession of live rattlesnakes, was charged
with robbery, extortion, forcible confinement, aggravated assault, uttering
death threats and two counts of assault with a weapon after a May 1998
complaint by a man who claimed three men, one in Angels colours, stormed his
home and forced him to surrender property to pay a debt. The case is still
before the courts. Cantrill got a $1,000 fine for the rattlers, but won back
a shotgun cops seized from his home at the same time, claiming it was
unsafely stored. They withdrew the charge in court and the judge ordered
them to return the firearm.

Most recently Cantrill has faced the courts on allegations that he violated
the terms of his bail for the third time, by failing to report to police on
the correct day of the week. He was sentenced Jan. 18 to 64 days in jail.

* Jack Leroy Cove, 47, was among the first Grim Reapers in Edmonton. He is a
Stony Plain resident and a truck driver, and has worked for an Angels' Nisku
trucking company.

Cove was among five Edmonton Reapers hit by cops in a provincewide weapons
raid on Nov. 25, 1987. From him and the other local bikers, police seized 22
rifles, all legal. In Red Deer and Calgary they got well over 100 firearms,
including handguns and a couple of assault rifles as well as an "explosive

Cove and the other Edmonton Reapers challenged the police search warrant. It
took nearly two years, but they won.

"This whole thing was a horrible abuse of process," said biker lawyer Bill
Tatarchuk, who called his clients' win "a major victory."

* George Barclay Doy, 40, nicknamed "Gas Can," is a full member of the
Edmonton Hells Angels and the owner of Geo's Accessories, a south Edmonton
motorcycle shop. "I am not going to talk to you," Doy politely but firmly
told The Sun.

* J.D. Everett Hisey, 45. His nickname is "Tree." As of this fall he lived
in what was the Reapers' clubhouse at 8106 81 Ave., a home registered in the
name of another Hells Angel. He has since moved.

* Scott Richey Jamieson, 43, is a former Rebel. Jamieson was among 10
people, mostly Rebel members, charged in Project Kiss, which Edmonton cops
claimed was their biggest biker bust ever. At 8 a.m. on Oct. 31, 1997,
police teams raided the Edmonton Rebels clubhouse at 11522 82 St. and nearly
40 other places around the province.

The operation had Jamieson facing 28 charges, including money laundering. He
pleaded guilty to two and was sentenced last week to three years in prison
for possession of hashish and cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, and 12
months to be served concurrently on the proceeds of crime.

Some cops claim Jamieson now has no status with the Angels; others maintain
he remains a prospect "with restrictions" that include not being allowed to
wear any club patches.

* Geoffrey Winton Johnson, 24 or 25, of Grande Prairie, may be just a
prospect, but on Feb. 11 last year, he acted 100% Angel. Johnson saw an
Angel in a fight with another man. He stepped into the fight and the two
Angels beat up the man. An Angel will do this every time, a city club member
told The Sun. Know that, if you understand nothing else about the Angels.

Johnson was charged with assault causing bodily harm but pleaded out to
common assault. He was fined $850.

* Donald Paul Lanski, 36, of Spruce Grove, six-foot-one. At 2 p.m. on Feb.
11 last year a man who was stopped in another vehicle at a busy intersection
gave Lanski the finger. The Angel got out of his vehicle and came at the
man. An Angel will do that pretty much every time, too.

"The court accepted that it was a consensual fight at that point," lawyer
Bill Tatarchuk told The Sun.

Then another Angel arrived and the man was badly hurt. They stopped the
beating, police said, when other motorists began yelling.

Lanski was charged with assault causing bodily harm but pleaded out to
common assault. He was fined $850. He also had to pay for the window he
punched out of the man's vehicle.

Lanski politely declined comment when reached by The Sun.

* Taras John Malec, 43, of Leduc. Malec has twice embarrassed cops and the
Crown when they tried to separate him from his firearms. He was among five
Reapers who fought in court for two years to get their guns returned after a
Nov. 25, 1987, raid on their homes. Ultimately the court ruled police didn't
have enough evidence against the Edmonton bikers to justify their search
warrant. All the weapons they found here were legal, and were ordered

Then, in 1998, an Alberta provincial court judge told prosecutors that
Malec, who has no criminal record, should be treated like any other
law-abiding citizen. Their bid to refuse him a Firearms Acquisition
Certificate was denied. The whole case against Malec was based on the fact
he was a member of the Hells Angels.

* Deveron Roy McKay, 50, a longtime Edmonton Reaper. In 1992 cops charged
him after allegedly finding marijuana and a methamphetamine lab near Clyde,
90 km north of Edmonton. Police also claimed the lab was rigged with a bomb
that could go off if anyone broke in, or be set off by remote control. They
also said they also found a .50-calibre machine gun, an M-16 rifle and a
9-mm handgun. All charges against McKay were withdrawn.

McKay is of the three Angels accused in a robbery, theft and extortion rap
police claim stems from a May 1998 debt collection attempt. That case is
currently before the courts.

* Gregory Bryan Colby O'Neil, 31 or 32, of Edmonton. O'Neil has been
arrested just once in a biker bust - Project Kiss - and cop sources who
talked to The Sun aren't sure he has any official status with the current
Hells Angels club at all. He has at least two other arrests on his record,
one after a robbery and chase in 1993, the other after cops stopped a stolen
car and found a sawed-off shotgun inside in 1998.

* George Earl Welch, 51, has a reputation for getting the most out of a
45-degree V-Twin pushrod engine. The long-time Grim Reaper is the owner of a
motorcycle repair shop.

"I'm sorry, I've got nothing to say," Welch told The Sun, adding stories on
the Angels are never fair or balanced. Offered the reporter's phone numbers
in case he reconsidered, Welch declined. "Once it comes out I'll look at it
with your name on it."

It was not a threat.

* Gerald Gregory Weldon, the president of the Edmonton Hells Angels, is 49
years old today. Weldon has been a spokesman for the Reapers and later the
Angels, and always has one point to make: 'If the cops call us criminals,
why don't they arrest us and prove it?' Thus Mounties must have been gleeful
in June 1998 when they checked serial numbers on his Harley and arrested him
for having an engine from a bike stolen in Surrey, B.C.

The bust backfired. Weldon had told Mounties right away that the engine was
swapped out of the B.C. bike and sold to him long before that bike was ever
stolen. They didn't believe him, and left the then Red Deer resident on foot
outside Grande Prairie, keeping his bike until he could prove his innocence.

"We're apologetic ... I think he's flying up tomorrow to pick up his
motorcycle," a Grande Prairie Mountie later told a reporter.

Weldon, who has been an outlaw motorcycle club rider since 1973, now lives
in Edmonton.

* William Brian Watts, 41, of Red Deer. The former Grim Reaper was one of
three club members charged with conspiring to live off the avails of
prostitution in June 1997, when RCMP busted a Red Deer escort agency. Cops
called it "Operation Kittyhawk." Charges against all three bikers were later
withdrawn. Before that, his lawyer successfully convinced a judge that a
restriction on his release on the charges - that he have no contact with
other bikers - was a violation of his constitutional rights.

* Robert Terrance Wilson, 41, of Edmonton, late of Grande Prairie. His
nickname is Moonshine. He is a welder. Wilson declined comment.

NOTE: The third Angel currently facing extortion and assault charges from
the May 1998 allegations is Allen John Farago, 36. He is a member of the
Saskatoon chapter.


* Reginald Joseph Barrett, 45.

* William Barry Cairns, 42, of Red Deer. Cairns was one of the three Grim
Reapers accused, in Operation Kittyhawk, of being the muscle behind an
escort agency. He, like the other two, saw the charges dropped before any
trial took place.

* Dominic Dipalma, 46. "Dom" was a long-serving member of the Edmonton
Rebels before becoming an Angel. Cops say they charged him with obstruction
and assaulting a police officer in April 1997 for what they claimed he did
when they tried to raid a biker swap meet in a hangar at Edmonton's City
Centre Airport. What they alleged was that he stopped them from getting in
until there were 24 cops there to insist. The charges were withdrawn before

* Maurice John Duheme, 49, is "Moose" to his friends. The former Rebel has
been a biker for at least 20 years and for the last 17 he's been a favourite
target of drug cops, who have hung charges on him in four separate major
busts. The first came when he was co-accused with Hells Angel Luc Michaud.
Both he and Michaud walked away from those 1983 charges. Most recently,
Duheme turned himself in about five days after Project Kiss, an
investigation that police claimed was their biggest biker bust ever. It was
a 10-month undercover operation that ended with a raid on the Rebels'
clubhouse and nearly 40 other places around in the province in 1997. Duheme
was sentenced to nine months and has long since been released.

"I have no comment for the press," Duheme told The Sun.

* James George Gibson, a.k.a Bowie, 42, a former Edmonton Rebel.

* Grey Steven Holomay, 36, of Sylvan Lake, was formerly a Calgary Rebels
member and more recently a Hells Angels Calgary chapter member. His public
notoriety is limited to his Oct. 9, 1999, wedding in Sylvan Lake, which many
colours-wearing Angels attended.

* Alan Peter Knapczyk, 26, and turns 27 next month. He is a prospect for the

* Dino Mannarino, 31, another former Rebel (Edmonton) who faced a fistful of
charges after the 1997 Project Kiss, and pleaded out to one charge,
admitting he twice sold two ounces of cocaine to a civilian RCMP agent.
Mannarino is a prospect for the Nomads.

On Jan. 15, Mannarino was sentenced to three years in prison for one Project
Kiss charge. Ten other charges were withdrawn.

* Erminio Pietro Mauro, 51, of Red Deer, nicknamed "Army," was among the Red
Deer Reapers accused of links to prostitution in Operation Kittyhawk - in
which all charges were dismissed even before a trial.

* Kenneth Terry Mire, 45, of Edmonton. Mire was one of the longest-serving
Edmonton Rebels. A well-spoken, extraordinarily intelligent biker, one cop
source claims. While some club members with as many years as he has - 20 -
have been arrested on average four times in major drug stings, he's been
down that road just twice.
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