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[ Download ] Lazirus Angry DJs Promo by Lazirus a.k.a » DJLazirus
16 tracks 34mins enjoy
A promo set for Presenting Angry DJs in Toronto enjoy.

1. Move by Andy Whitby & klubfiller
2. Bonfire by Darren Styles
3. Bass Down Low by Nobody
4. Noizemaker by Pinnacle & Ben Av-it
5. I Need You ft Marie Louise by Petruccio and Modulate
6. Were Gonna Rock You by Chaos
7. Reach Out by Breeze vs Unique
8. Bazinga by Sylus
9. Is There Time by Petruccio & Modulate
10. Kidz by Re-con
11. Inside Out by Breeze & Modulate
12. Electro Rush by Swiss T
13. Feel It by Mob & Enemy ft Tifa
14. Shake It (Rattle) by Keyes vs Outforce
15. B.K.S.H. by Mob & Prospect
16. Open your Eyes by Darren Styles feat Tyler

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34:16 @ 320kbps
82,234,944 bytes
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