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» Rebella replied on Thu Nov 10, 2011 @ 8:42am. Posted in Djweb.Tv Presents The Beat Freakz - Cosmic Orgasm And Beat Syndrome.
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» Rebella replied on Thu Nov 10, 2011 @ 8:41am. Posted in The Myzterious Freakz Maskerade featuring ARGAMAN ::: 11/11/11.
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MyzteriousWays Beat Freakz célèbreront leur 1er anniversaire par un myztérieux bal masqué ! Quelle année ce fût pour nous tous, que de chemin accompli depuis la publication de notre premier événement sur le site le 10 novembre 2010. Même chose pour l’équipe de Beat Freakz qui en a vu plus d’un passer par le loft et qui pourrait certainement vous raconter un foule d’anecdotes épiques !

MyzteriousWays an...d Beat Freakz will celebreate their 1st year anniversary during a myzterious Maskerade ! It was an amazing year, full of accomplishments since that night of November 11, 2010, when I posted my first article. I’m sure Beat Freakz team had seen it all at the loft throughout the year, and can surely entertain you with their own glorious stories!

Les fondateurs de MyzteriousWays et de Beat Freakz sont des êtres passionnés de musique en tous genres, tous impliqués dans la scène montréalaise, sans compter les liens d’amitiés qui nous unissent. Il nous semblait donc tout indiqué d’unir nos forces pour souligner notre travail et remercier nos supporters respectifs en organisant un événement unique :

The founders of MyzteriousWays and Beat Freakz are passionate about every styles of music, are actively taking part into the Montreal scene, not to mention the fact that they are all good friends. It was just the right thing to do to join forces, come up with an original concept acknowledging all our hard work and, most importantly, thank our supporters:


Un bal masqué qui servira de trame de fond à cette symphonie musicale où joueront 11 artistes/groupes aux styles variés, à compter de 21h le 11 novembre 2011 et ce, jusqu’à 8h le lendemain matin.

A costumed ball, a musical symphony created by 11 artists/groups playing their own unique music styles on November 11, 2011, from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM the next morning.

Votre participation à notre 1er anniversaire est importante pour nous car nous souhaitons créer une soirée unique où plusieurs scènes y trouveront leur compte puisque les meilleurs éléments seront réunis ensemble pour vous offrir un événement hors du commun.

Your participation to our 1st year anniversary is very important to us. We want to organize a night where the best performers from diffent scenes/genres will dedicate themselves to make this night one to remember.


Effets visuels & interactifs / Visual & interactive effects : Wired Monkey

Décor & éclairage ambiant / Decor & Environment Lightning : Jeremy Aura

Décor & éclairage de scène / Decor & Stage Lightning : Z. Le Duc

09 : 00 - 10 : 00 : Schrödinger Kats - Prog. rock Band

10 : 00 - 11 : 00 : Kurse - Drum&Bass

11 : 00 - 12 : 00 : Noyl - Breakbeat/Dubstep/Scratch/Beatjuggling

12 : 00 - 01 : 00 : Quato (Ecto-Gammit & Psychronik) – Psytrance

01 : 00 - 02 : 00 : Kode-Six - Psytrance

02 : 00 - 03 : 00 : Impact – Full-on Impact - Full-on

03 : 00 - 04 : 00 : Cosmic Orgasm – Psytrance/Full-on

04 : 00 - 05 : 00 : ARGAMAN – Electro-Classical Dub

05 : 00 – 06 : 00 : Monokongo-ProgressiveTribal& OceanePercussions

06 : 00 - 07 : 00 : Beat Syndrome – Electro

07 : 00 - 08 : 00 : JesKa – Electro Bassline

* * *Chacun apporte ses propres consommations (BYOB). Il n'y aura aucune vente d'alcool sur les lieux et seuls les contenants en plastique ou en canette seront autorisés. Cependant, nous mettrons à votre disposition un bar non alcoolisé (jus, eau, boissons gazeuses, etc.). * * *

* * * Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) concept with plastic containers or cans only. No alcool will be served. However, we will sell refreshments at the bar (juice, water, sodas, etc.). * * *


Les 200 billets seront vendus au coût de 25 $, un prix fixe, qui ne changera pas, de la manière suivante:

200 tickets at $25 each, and the price is fixed, on sale the following way:

148 billets sur le site de MyzteriousWays (Interac, Paypal, Crédit) - 28 SEPTEMBRE @ 23 H 00

148 tickets on MyzteriousWays website (Interac, Paypal, Credit) - SEPTEMBER 28TH @ 11:00 PM

52 billets au Psychonaut - 154, rue Prince-Arthur Est - 1ER OCTOBRE 2011

52 tickets at Psychonaut - 154 Prince Arthur East - OCTOBER 1ST, 2011

Plusieurs surprises vous attendent au cours de cette folle nuit où de
Myztérieux Freakz vous feront délirer!

We have many surprises in store for you for this special night where
the Myzterious Freakz will blow your mind!


[ www.myzteriousways.com ]

Facebook event : [ www.facebook.com ]
MyzteriousWays & Beat Freakz
» Rebella replied on Thu Feb 24, 2011 @ 5:19pm. Posted in La scène dubstep a Montréal ....
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hahahaha !
» Rebella replied on Fri Jan 21, 2011 @ 3:47pm. Posted in genres you want to hear.
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- Psycore
- Dark Psy
- Full On Night Time

Everythings fucking DARKKKKK !!!

Bored to hear all the same sub-genre psy-trance in every psy events !!!!


8bits live performance could be really interesting too!!

» Rebella replied on Sun Oct 31, 2010 @ 7:04am. Posted in MORT Feat. Omar Santana.
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First ..

We would like to thanks everyones who's made it at MORT Feat. Omar Santana to dance their ass offs and showed some support.

Thank you for making of that event .. a SUCCESFULL one !!!

We had over 450 ravers in the place .. w0w a way more than we were expecting !!!!!! <3
» Rebella replied on Tue Oct 12, 2010 @ 1:02pm. Posted in Recoil - On The Strength - October 2010 mix - '93 hardcore jungle.
Coolness: 108640
This is what I call an freakin amazing set <3 <3 <3 ! Word up Liam ! ^^
» Rebella replied on Wed Jun 23, 2010 @ 10:25pm. Posted in Earthquake.
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I def felt it ... as so badly ! All the windows was shakin' .. wanted to broke , all my cd's on my tv felt on the ground ... and the noize that make .. wow thought that was an ouragan hahaha ! Bridges have brokes , all the windows at an elementary school are brokes ... The mayor of a village near of mine .. have declared the state of emergency ! So yea I think I can say .. I felt it ! Was like 100 000 w/ sound system LOL !
» Rebella replied on Wed Jun 23, 2010 @ 6:52pm. Posted in Recoil - live on Stressfactor Radio - 2006 - deep jungle & darkside.
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Awesome mixs !! You rawk Liam !!
I miss your cute face , can't wait to having you back rAwkin' the dancefloors !! <3
» Rebella replied on Thu Apr 8, 2010 @ 11:49pm. Posted in Wanna make 1500$ a week? WE'RE HIRING!.
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Originally Posted By SEX.IS.BORING
mon rêve d'enfance de devenir pimp pourrait se réaliser manne

Ca toujours été notre rêve d'être des pimp n ho .. M-h tes ma pimp et je suis ta Ho .. Deal ? :D
» Rebella replied on Tue Mar 30, 2010 @ 2:03am. Posted in English Only Work ?.
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Originally Posted By CUTTERHEAD
as for the native language , you have to do the same towards their language imo. the problem is they dont want people in their reserve for the same reason as we dont want you stupid squares here.

even wetbacks have a better attitude, what do you care screw , hes not slealing your jobs as i recall your status

i wont escalate more on the subject since its seems some people here are blind and deft about where they are on this rock , and if you go back youll find that i proposed what all of you would ask of anybody if youd open the door , if you contradict this then your a lier or a moron , witch explain the retarded responses i got

You're an idiot dewd !!!

You're talking about things you didn't know .. Don't talk for Native ... We're able to do it by ourself .. we don't need a little hangry white dewd to do it for us ... See the irony , I can do racism over you even if ur french , cause ur white... I means u don't have to talk like that about english ppl , they're not squares heads. I live borderline with a reserve (by choice) .. yeah thats true white ppl can't live on da reserve ... but they'r still welcome at all on da reserve.

So next time .. just shut the fuck up !!!

And why being hangry like that ? Sex isn't that good for you ? ;)
» Rebella replied on Tue Mar 16, 2010 @ 2:56am. Posted in Alice in Wonderland.
Coolness: 108640
I enjoyed watching that movie !!

Found it was a nice movie for a hangovers day ! :P
» Rebella replied on Tue Mar 16, 2010 @ 2:50am. Posted in Thanks Kurse!.
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Bwahaha so much entertaining ! :P
» Rebella replied on Fri Mar 12, 2010 @ 4:54pm. Posted in Coresteppers V5.0 - Murderbot, Debaser, 16armedjack, Recoil, & more.
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Amazing <3 !!
» Rebella replied on Thu Feb 4, 2010 @ 10:33am. Posted in djROB GEE/djFishead/djMutante.
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Originally Posted By MAD-KILOZ
mais la ci mutante serras un "twat" p toi un "douche" ca irrais bien ensemble comme papa dans maman =p

p oublie pas c ma fete le 8avril apportes moi des cacadeau ci non j'y vais etre triste =)

On oublie pas les cadeaux pour Mad-K ! ;)

Originally Posted By strangedahlia
Wait, is it really Bliss we're talking about here????

Yep I was talking about Bliss ... Something wrong with what I've said dewd ? ;)
» Rebella replied on Wed Feb 3, 2010 @ 12:22am. Posted in djROB GEE/djFishead/djMutante.
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Originally Posted By BLISSS
Busting BOTH needles is a feat rarely accomplished even in this age of amateur djs lol...

I would have docked the guy $100.00 + an extra $60.00 (my needles run around $80.00 each)

That means the guy technically still owes you, wait while I do the math, $160 - $100 promised + $70 already paid =

$130.00 bucks! O_o

Haha yep you're fawking right hun !!

And see this guy is still complaning and bitching about ma friend party .. when its us who's should be bitching about him !!

He's only jealous .. cause he can't makes a come back with a solid line up like that !

Damn Ottawa scene ... still stuck on the past .. Joy hehe !

At least couples of peeps are like you ( and a lots should take example on you) .. ur not only posting on thread to do some more drama !

» Rebella replied on Tue Feb 2, 2010 @ 10:27am. Posted in djROB GEE/djFishead/djMutante.
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Originally Posted By KURSE

Boring ? ... Gratte toi un ring chouchoune .. on vas en mettre de l'action si t'en veut ! ;]
» Rebella replied on Tue Feb 2, 2010 @ 2:42am. Posted in djROB GEE/djFishead/djMutante.
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Originally Posted By DARKSTAR
This is pretty funny.
Im glad youve paid all your bills louie, did you use other peoples money like you did for all your ottawa shows.... hopefully this time youll pay them back, and if you will be doing that, can i get that 200$ you still owe me from the Demolition tour in 04 or 03.. maybe 05...

Although props on booking ottawa acts.. I thought you had burned everyone already but i guess new people that werent around for your cluster fucks wouldnt be aware that no one should ever trust your word.

Actually kinda funny to read ur post Mat ...

First u were supposly to get 100$ for ur booking .. and you got 70$ .. Why ? Thats the funny part ... Because you don't had dj skillz and broke both of the turntable needles .. B00M !!! ;)aa=a

You're not going in parties anymore .. So why still wasting times to post here ?

some of Ottawa peeps become fucking annoying in thread when they start to post reply like this one ... !

I know you guys missing Xvi for all the drama ..but stop acting like kids...and Get The Fuck Up Outta here !!
» Rebella replied on Mon Nov 16, 2009 @ 2:44am. Posted in W.H.A.M. - featuring SIXTEENARMEDJACK.
Coolness: 108640
★Reeecoiil★ .. BAM BAM BAM .. In yo ears !! Can't wait !! ♥ ^¸^
» Rebella replied on Wed Nov 4, 2009 @ 3:44am. Posted in Miss Diamanza November - Vote Sammy-Jo C..
Coolness: 108640
Merci Mickos , ces gentil , j'apprécie ! :)
Yes je suis en tête pour l'instant avec 247 votes ! :D
» Rebella replied on Mon Nov 2, 2009 @ 10:53pm. Posted in Miss Diamanza November - Vote Sammy-Jo C..
Coolness: 108640
Thanks Melo ! :) .. and thanks guys !
» Rebella replied on Mon Nov 2, 2009 @ 8:21am. Posted in what was you halloween costume?.
Coolness: 108640

my halloween costume !

Ha ha ha I like your Tshirt Anto !
» Rebella replied on Mon Nov 2, 2009 @ 7:41am. Posted in Miss Diamanza November - Vote Sammy-Jo C..
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Hey guys!

The modeling contest is now started .. would be greatly appreciate if you can take a minute of yours time .. and go vote for me ! :)
Also .. would be really appreciate if u can spread the word around you.. to go vote for me .. I would be really thanksful !

[ www.diamanza.com ]

Have a nice day guys.

Sammy-Jo C.


Bonjour à tous.

Le concours as été lancer hier. Donc ca serait très apprécier si vous pouviez prendre 1m de votre temps , et allez voter pour moi.
Aussi , ca serai super si vous pourriez passer le mot autour de vous .. d'aller votez pour moi ! Je vous en serait très reconnaisante !

[ www.diamanza.com ]

Bonne journée à vous.

Sammy-Jo C.
» Rebella replied on Sun Nov 1, 2009 @ 6:39am. Posted in Ntk au metropolis!.
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De la putin de bombe comme soirée .. Merci auz NTK !!
Vraiment trop classe !! :D
» Rebella replied on Mon Sep 7, 2009 @ 8:41am. Posted in NTK Vegas Baby.
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De la pure bombe cette teuf !!

Big up a tout les NTK pour cette fabuleuse soirée !! ^^
» Rebella replied on Mon Aug 3, 2009 @ 7:12am. Posted in Looking for phat pants or phat pants (shorts / 3/4).
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Originally Posted By LUKEPERIL
People still wear these? Wow.

Are you sure .. u still going out ? lol !
I think u don't made the difference between ''Candy phat pants'' n phat pants .. coz u wouldn't wrote it here lol !! ;)
» Rebella replied on Mon Jul 6, 2009 @ 11:30am. Posted in Terry Bevavn - Electrro Revival II.
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Awesome mix Terry .. As usual <3 ! Much luv !
» Rebella replied on Mon Jun 8, 2009 @ 9:14pm. Posted in Spring Beat 2009 - Back In The Jungle.
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Originally Posted By ENAIRA
I agree with you Melo, it isn't a good way to keep a good reputation.

C'est presentement ce que beaucoup de monde se deman'de..

A ce que j'ai entendu, le VIP section etait rempli de DJs frustrés, full attitude, et saoul. Je comprends absoluement pas ce qui s'est passer. Une chose est sure, ya du rattrapage en sal a faire pour reparer les pots cassés..

J'ai passer une partie de nuit la ... j'ai pas vue que toute les dj's frustrer , no full attitude .. ben personnes m'en a fait à moi ! .. Saoul .. encore drôle a dire ... Mes amis Saiyan n Fuzzboy voulait avoir de l'alcohol pis mathieu voulait par leur en donner avant 3am... WTF !
Mais y'avait des criss de clubbers drunk partout .. !
» Rebella replied on Mon Jun 8, 2009 @ 4:41pm. Posted in Spring Beat 2009 - Back In The Jungle.
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Originally Posted By KISHMAY_PINAS
My 2 cents<-----
Rebella is hot

LOL ! <3
» Rebella replied on Mon Jun 8, 2009 @ 4:11pm. Posted in Spring Beat 2009 - Back In The Jungle.
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I don't think ppl can buy vip tickets !!
There's looked more , if it was only some dj's .. and their friends (Guestlist) .. !!

But every raves I saw who's were associate with da house scene .. They always got fucked up .. !!
Even if we all have one passion in commun .. the electronic music .. The mentality is not the same at all !! .. As one of my favs song said : Ici on tous embarquer sur la même planète , Mais on es désidement pas tous du même monde !!
Thats the reality !!

The music was awesome (well im never went in da room house) !!

One of the best part of my night for me ... was in the morning .. when the rave ended ... n the secitury put the clubbers out .. and around 10 to 15 peeps .. still did party on the sky terasse .. with Moebius .. who was playin' some fukin' awesome Artek,Hardcore !!

And Mathieu .. u should accept advance for ya production ..
First .. makes sur yours dj's can drink fuckin' alcohol if they wants !
Then .. when u get fucked up with times .. in your lineup .. you really should do attention ..
you know .. u should had to organize again n change time slots if its u absolutly need to do it ...
You paid .. 2 dj's from Toronto .. for playin' their sets to nobody .. most of da time .. I was the only one to dancing on their sets ... I don't find it normal ... u would had to arrange your time slots .. for makes them playin' in good ''Hours'' , since when u paid dj's out-of-town .. for make them play to 4:30am n 5:30am ... first time I saw it from a promoter !!
And ending the set to Melo in the middle .. a big error , she's played music clubbers liked .. when u stoped her set .. Everyone is went in da other room n stayed there all night.. and its really not profesional n not really nice for a suposly friend to her ... !

Anyways its only my 2cents comment on this party ! :P
» Rebella replied on Mon Jun 8, 2009 @ 11:17am. Posted in Spring Beat 2009 - Back In The Jungle.
Coolness: 108640
<3 !
» Rebella replied on Mon Jun 8, 2009 @ 8:31am. Posted in Spring Beat 2009 - Back In The Jungle.
Coolness: 108640
Its alright Melo ! :)
» Rebella replied on Mon Jun 8, 2009 @ 3:03am. Posted in Spring Beat 2009 - Back In The Jungle.
Coolness: 108640
Originally Posted By ELDEE
yeh specially when you give it to 3457304 random people who didn't do shit

fuck that

meme du monde d'ottawa pas rapport tu les laisses mais pas tes amis

WOW ...

First .. I'm not a nowhere girl from Ottawa ... n also wondering where's u took it .. I from Ottawa .. As Thierry said .. ''she's from Maniwaki actually'' !!

Why I was in the vip section ..
Because Im came with my friends from Toronto who were playing ..
They wanted me to come out to see us play ... !!
» Rebella replied on Fri May 15, 2009 @ 4:43pm. Posted in Who's the hottest babe on rave.ca?.
Coolness: 108640
luna-1 @ Sep 20 2007 @ 1:13pm
je pense serieusement que jt e veut

Hahahaha Wow Jesse .. thanks so much for sent me a msg .. and showed me the last msg u sent me years ago !! The proof u always wanted me .. but never had me mofo !!!
» Rebella replied on Fri May 15, 2009 @ 4:27pm. Posted in Who's the hottest babe on rave.ca?.
Coolness: 108640
Why I would have a pic .. of a small penis ?
Keep it for ya little groupies !!!
Stop lying .. everyone here knows thats the always thing your able to do !
Your not moved far away from montreal for nothing .. coz everyone wants to beat you !
You can be sure .. if you show up to montreal , ottawa or toronto .. You'll pay Jesse !
Go say you'll calls the cops like the last time !
I can assure you .. if ever you shows up here in toronto or ottawa , you'll leave in a body bag sucka !!!!!!
» Rebella replied on Fri May 15, 2009 @ 4:01pm. Posted in Who's the hottest babe on rave.ca?.
Coolness: 108640
Mwahahahaha !

Jesse stop lying !!
I know u would had love so much fucked with me .. but u never .. and never will !!
You're making shit up in your head (delusional) !!
And I heard by a lots of girls .. Jesse have a small penis !
he fucks like a mouse, you can't feel anything !!!!
» Rebella replied on Fri May 15, 2009 @ 12:57pm. Posted in Shamabala Music Festival.
Coolness: 108640
Originally Posted By DJ_SAIYAN
His full name is Sacha Jesse Richard.

If he shows up at the gate make sure security roughs him up before you send him on his way. Preferably without his pants. Now THAT is humiliating.

Hahaha Shane <3 !! ^.^

Shame on you Jesse .. You should think before to write stupid things as that here !!
And then you wondering why [ rave.ca ] ppl hates you .. no wonder with things you says buddy !!
» Rebella replied on Tue May 12, 2009 @ 12:09am. Posted in ntk part en live.
Coolness: 108640
Wow es le premier mot qui me vient en tête concernant ce party , s'était totalement dément !!
Seb Banditos , YanKat , ByPass & Nico .. Que de bon beats entrainant !!
Moebius , ton set Electro-Breaks..une pure merveille , Ton son étais génial !!
Cosmic Orgasm , s'était que trop sa coche , un son qui n'as laisser personne indiférent !!
Mutante , par ou commencer ... Complètement malade !! Un son d'enfer qui garoche et galope !!
Ont aurait pas pu demander mieux que sa comme set .. plusieurs tracks juste trop sur la coche .. et en particulier .. Sound Of Da Police !!!
» Rebella replied on Sat Feb 7, 2009 @ 3:37pm. Posted in The Final Raves'r'us: The Last Chapter Of A Great Story - Feb 7th 09!!.
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» Rebella replied on Tue Feb 3, 2009 @ 7:37am. Posted in Terry Bevvan brings you Electro Revival (Banging Electro!!).
Coolness: 108640
<3 !

Dsl Alex , he did know where to put it .. pis sa lair que je lai induis en erreur a matin .. sleepy head ! :P
» Rebella replied on Tue Feb 3, 2009 @ 7:28am. Posted in Terry Bevvan brings you Electro Revival (Banging Electro!!).
Coolness: 108640
This mix is too awesome !!!

I love it Terry !!

You rawk bby ! ;)
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