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a.k.a. "Sean McCormick"

27 year old gemini male
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
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I'm Sean (aka Chucky)
I was into the raves for a while, but never reallllly got into them...
untill i had the oppertunity to go to Brazil and party there for 4 months, accompanying all the local DJs. I was lucky enough to see the finest DJs play there, including Aerospace, Wrecked Machines, Krome Angels, Felguk, Ace Ventura, Talamasca, Eskimo, Astrix, Du Serena, Minimal Criminal, Electrixx, Vibe Tribe and manyyyyyy manyyyy more... Whether it be partying in the mountains of Belo Horizente or the beaches of Rio De Janeiro or the underground in the city of Sao Paulo- every place had its own unique experience that i will never forget! After watching all these great performances i was inspired to jump back into the scene. There is nothing more fun and beautiful then partying outdoors in this exotic country, meeting different people and sharing new experiences. If you plan on joining the Brazilian rave scene get ready for a very spiritual adventure! and now my intentions are to bring back to Brazil with me the Montreal party!
But Montreal is my home and the greatest place to party with the coolest open minded people around!
Don't be shy to come say hi to me, I LOVE meeting new people!
See you around!!
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