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» PushPopPaula
a.k.a. "Paula Even"

27 year old capricorn female
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
Profile Views:2,883
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Height:5' 5"
Hair Colour:Indescribable
Body-Type:In Good Shape
Body Piercing:Ear(s), Lip, Nose
Religion:Not Religious
Rel. Important:Not At All
Daily Diet:Vegetarian
Want Children:Maybe Later
Social Status:Single
Languages:English, French
Political:Not Political
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2009-06-27-Psychedelica (108)
2009-05-23-Kawaii (103)
2009-05-01-Space Invaders Are Back! (113)
2009-04-11-Rewire 5 : Easter In Mtl (274)
2009-03-28-Bal En Rose - Masquer (103)
2009-03-13-Psybass The 13th, 5 Edition (124)
2009-02-25-Hardcore Underground 100% Live P.A. (20)
2009-02-21-Once Again Back It's The Incredible! (78)
2009-02-07-The Final Raves'r'us: The Last Chapter Of A Great Story (252)
2009-02-06-Blast Tes Wattz (59)
2009-01-31-Twistedwave 4 (165)
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im probly one of the most randomiest people youll ever meet, well once i know you enough im pretty much myself.
sometimes i can be not really shy but just reserved if i dont really know you, especially in person, i do make friends easily
and keep them to, i dont really fight with anyone because im a loving person. im currently into the arts of circus
and photography, i love going to concerts & raves, i love meeting new people, i think im very weird because everytime i have to think
about something its usually in some sort of photographic way, and most of the time my ideas keep me up. i make my friends laugh
naturally, i always am myself, and i wont change that for no one, im kind of different from everyone in my family really diffferent
yeah sorry if im not really enthusiastic when i talk to some of you, i dont really like meeting friends that much that live very far
away because i like to know people face to face, and if i get attached to you ill probly never see u in real life, i wont give you
my msn if i dont know you too well or if you dont live no where near me. I SPEAK FRENCH, i wont answer you if ur some old creep.
or if you ask me to go on webcam for u. i am happy how i am,
Member Comments
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» Nuclear said @ Wed Feb 4, 2009 @ 3:40am
Once again stalk stalk stalk... And I can't sleep... Hmmm...
» DiddyKong said @ Tue Jan 27, 2009 @ 11:37am
Héhé !! TwistedWave 4 va être un méchant party !! Rave On ;)
» biotek said @ Sun Jan 18, 2009 @ 10:55pm
no problemo
» Nuclear said @ Thu Jan 15, 2009 @ 1:27am
hello random land... you have a lot of parties lined up... we shall meet at some point, keep your hair colorful forever, it's nice! gooooooood luck on your exams! you better pass!
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