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a.k.a. "Sylvain Gargallo"

39 year old scorpio male
From Gauteng, South Africa

Is feeling wo.onkey...
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Height:5' 9"
Hair Colour:Black
Body-Type:In Good Shape
Body Piercing:Tongue
Tattoos:Back, Shoulder
Religion:Not Religious
Rel. Important:Not Much
Daily Diet:Steak & Fries
Annual Income:$35,000 to $50,000
Want Children:Maybe Later
Life Style:City Slicker
Social Status:Single
Languages:English, French, Spanish
Political:Not Political
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DjLeGo-Minimix (Booty Bass)
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LEGO-Frequency(MinimalMix) (Techno)
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LEGO-Restless (DJMix Breaks, Electro, etc...) (Booty Bass)
56:31 min @ 320 kbps, 0 comment
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LEGO-AllFrenchedUp(MinimalMix) (Polka)
76:03 min @ 320 kbps, 0 comment
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LEGO-VENUS(FierceElectroMix) (Terror)
62:57 min @ 320 kbps, 0 comment
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LEGO.NeWaGeDiSko (Booty Bass)
79:03 min @ 192 kbps, 0 comment
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Sylvain A.K.A. Lego, hails from France, but his interest for Electronic Music goes back to his teenage years in South East Asia, more precisely Thailand and Singapore, with his first loves going by the names of Jungle and Drum'n'Bass. He moved to Toulouse, France, after graduating from High School in 1999 and discovered a SubCulture that the average citizen to this day refuses to acknowledge due to fear, disillusion, or bewilderment, this SubCulture was European FreeParties at their craziest. At this time Lego started mixing Hardcore and Artek, and carried on doing so until he moved to Montreal in 2001. This exposed him to yet another Electronic Music SubCulture, but instead of confining himself to a genre, he decided to explore the vast variety that Montreal has to offer. This Multicultural exposure is what makes Lego's mixes unique, his ability to seamlessly mix various genres together; creating atmospheres that run circles around the established norm. Lego also entertains a Love/Hate relationship with Minml, his sets are obscure, potent, evil.

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» Destructiva said @ Wed Mar 23, 2011 @ 11:25am
Andele, gracias! No te he visto por ahí en la fiesta, cuando me veas tu a mi, ven a saludar. Voy a checkar tu música, saludos.
» spotless_mind said @ Fri Jul 18, 2008 @ 2:22am
ayoye, can't make it to saphir tonight... :( hope to bump into you some other time
» nellboy said @ Thu Feb 7, 2008 @ 4:48am
Oi, you around next week for a pint???... i'll facebook ya to make sure... ya cunt!!
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