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a.k.a. "Janov Collard"

31 year old capricorn male
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Is feeling hopefool...
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
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hopefoolThu Jun 24, 2010 @ 10:44am
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After have created a FAcebook account i cudnt not do this. Might be meaningless, but since i got high problem with social talking i might be able find ppl who seek wat im also seeking. IT like an answer, it cool since the question as presented himself, wat cud be better? Goin to a St-Jean rave or the G20. Wat make my choice better than other 1 (It cuz it prolly fit me more xD) Wat do i really do with my life? I always hoped i was an inspiration for the soul to construct and create universe, each spark of energy transced by our body can have a direction and a meaning, i usually look like a drug addict (GOD WILL) but it aint no true, in fact im the opposite, im trying cleansing and purify the way rave shud be consider (Obviosuly for myself) music bring me to high peak of sense, drug are mind expander and have no use in a continual ritual, we got to cut pattern and evolve (Isnt'it?) Im a big wannabe (It the best way to appear modest and humble) i know myself and my limit. I wud have alway wanted to be like those ppl who dont care to introduce themself in a social group. IN a world where the word magic and spirituality got "slaughter" by our Filosophy (That is only a self defence protection to our ego to permit us to deal with the choice we made) I still belive i saw a way to match new age and old tribalism into a dance that represent possibility of living and expanding into more than 1 channel into more than 1 dimension. When i started raving like 3 year ago i was feeling around me the same vibe of generating our shamanic dance to the core of the dancefloor bringing with our gesture all those spirit within us that defined the choice we made of being (it his year that im sure we all got a whole crew of guide that support us since our 1st breath into this world) Those are also the spirt that are leading my hand to digit this text, as i said i like to pretend myself as someting that im not. IM a magician. Im a dancer. Im a human. And most of all im a dreamer, that know 1 day thing will get fix to have new problem in which evolve cuz the perfection of all stand in the imperfection of some (We call this evolution). Im so full of hope that mostly all the ppl i met belive im just a fool. We live in a world of illusion, why mine wudnt be better than the 1 who constructed an illusion to save himself from the guilt of being human. Holy crap i must go mental to type that much. Anyway by the chance i have no 1 will never read this, hopefully. Sincerly the dancer that try to shape world with a gest and with his mind. XD. Finally i understand my choice afterall, i prefer go to St-Jean rave instead of the G20 cuz i will be able to produce more hope and peace that inside the dark machine of our dear system ( i got no comment on it, since everybody know we are wrong to take choice for million of different soul) Crisis is the sign of our era. Dance and expansion of ourself is a key for freeing our soul of its pattern. Evolution cant be stop, it can only be slowed. Cristo santo ho scritto troppo. Come mi e sempre piaciuto fare. Vivete la vostra vita amici e statemi bene.
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